World 2-4

World 2-4 is the fourth course of World 2 in Super Mario 3D Land. The level starts in a small site made of wood cubes and introduces Reversible Platforms. Reversible Platforms are used to reach in the next area. After more wood cubes, Mario will find more Reversible Platforms and Stingbys. Ahead, he must cross even more Reversible Platforms, but now with Baddie Boxes that release Goombas, spiked cubes and rotating spiked bars. In one of these platforms, there is a Rainbow ♪ Block. Near, Mario will face some rotating spiked bars above more platforms and another enemy box and a Stingby. Now, next to the Flagpole, he can use one Reversible Platform to grab the top.

Star Medal 1: in the first section with enemy boxes, the Star Medal is floating behind some spiked blocks.
Star Medal 2: soon after this section, Mario will find a Rainbow ♪ Block that will send him to a Coin Heaven. In the end of the area, a Star Medal can be collected.
Star Medal 3: In the next Reversible Platforms area, Mario will find a Flying Question Block. Jumping over it is sufficient to grab a Star Medal in the midair.

Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough World 2-4

The glitch, "Baddie Box Lad" can be found here.