World 2-1

World 2-1 is the first course of World 2 in Super Mario 3D Land. It is an outside course around a white castle. In the first area, a pair of Binoculars that Mario can use to see Toad near the Flagpole, some Goombas, some dandelions; one of them hides a Super Mushroom; three ? Blocks and a Piranha Plant can be found. In the next area, there are some Coins and a Venus Fire Trap surrounded by two wood Goombas. The hero must turn to the left to find a Roulette Block and a gap and three moving platforms to go to the other side. If Mario goes to the far left, he finds a small path with three wood Goombas and a real Goomba. In the next area, there is a small mount with some coins. In the right side there is a P-Switch that collects 16 Rainbow Notes and a Warp Pipe. The Checkpoint Flag does not appear in the level. Soon, Mario must go up to the top of a castle. In the way, there are Goombas and Tail Goombas. Three trampoline platforms send Mario to a Warp Box. It warps the plumber to a tiny platform floating a bit far from the top of the castle. To reach there, he needs to press a ! panel to make several platforms in the direction of the Flagpole. When Mario lands on the castle, he can use more green reproducing platforms to reach a trampoline to grab the Flagpole's top.

Star Medal 1: It is given by Toad, after Mario finds him using the pair of binoculars. This Star Medal lands on the top of a small mount, near the start of the course.
Star Medal 2: Next to this mount, there is a pipe with a Piranha Plant. Mario must defeat it and enter in the Warp Pipe. He will be transported to an optical illusion room, where the medal is above a block.
Star Medal 3: In the far right of the first story of the castle, the Star Medal is visible a little behind the place where Mario is. To take it, he can Long Jump to it, fly with Tanooki Mario or back a little until find a way that leads to the medal.

Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough World 2-1

Rumor: A Golden Tail Goomba used to appear in this level before the game's release.