World 1-Castle

World 1-Castle is the Castle course of World 1 and the first Castle in Super Mario 3D Land. It is primarily filled with lava and sinking platforms. In the first area, Mario must dodge two Draglets and cross a Firebar. A Podoboo and a lava geyser are on the lava. In the next area, there is a spinning rock gear, with coins above it, a Podoboo and a Star Medal in the center. Ahead is another spinning stone gear with a Firebar in the middle. A platform with a Dry Bones and a rectangular ? Block with a Super Leaf is ahead. Near is a platform that rises from the lava, that Mario uses to reach on the top of a wall. Mario lands in a wire platform with a lava geyser and three Podoboos under it. At this point, Mario finds a corridor and a Hammer Bro.. Another wire platform (with another lava geyser under it) connect the corridor to the another area, where the Midway Flag and a Firebar are placed. Near is a castle wall with two Thwomps. After Mario leaves the place, he finds a passage with another Dry Bones. Once in the far right, False Bowser appears and Mario notices Toad who is kept captive in a cell past the False Bowser. He starts to breathe several fireballs at Mario, while he is running through a path to the boss's bridge. When the hero arrives in the bridge, he must dodge the False Bowser attacks and press the button at the end. When the switch is pressed, the bridge breaks and the False Bowser is revealed to be a Tail Goomba. Once defeated, Mario rescues the kidnapped Toad. After, he can go to a warping block that leads Mario to the top of a tower, where the Goal Pole and a Stopwatch is found.

Star Medal 1: In the middle of the first rotating platform, guarded by a Podoboo.
Star Medal 2: Near a Firebar.
Star Medal 3: In a narrow space behind the second Thwomp, accessible only by Wall Jumping or backflipping on the second Thwomp.

Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough World 1-Castle