World 1-2

World 1-2 is the second course of World 1 in Super Mario 3D Land. It is an underground course, and it introduces the Fire Flower and Inky Piranha Plants. The level starts with Mario in front of a torch. A Ball 'n' Chain is swinging near this place. After passing the obstacle, he finds two Goombas, two Brick Blocks and a Question Block with a Fire Flower inside. Ahead, there are some crates that Mario can destroy or only jump over them. A Inky Piranha Plant is found and some more Brick Blocks are found after it. Near to them, there is a spinning platform with another Inky Piranha Plant. In the next area, are found two rectangular ? Blocks, stacked Goombas, many Brick Blocks and a Checkpoint Flag. Soon after, Mario arrives in a small room with a single coin. If he touches it, a trail of coins appears. After leaving this room, Mario faces more ? Blocks, Koopa Troopas, stacked Goombas and another Ball 'n' Chain. Some platforms are flying in a small gap and another Inky Piranha Plant can be defeated. Mario can grab a blue Clock. A bridge with three Ball 'n' Chains must be crossed. In the other side, there is a torch that, when lit, makes a trail of coins appear. Here, Mario can stand on a platform with an Inky Piranha Plant, and on the end, near a gap, there is a medal. A Warp Pipe takes Mario to the Goal Pole.

Star Medal 1: Behind the rotating wheel. Mario can grab the Medal after the first right turn.
Star Medal 2: Floating above one of the floating platforms past the second Ball 'n' Chain.
Star Medal 3: A little behind of the bridge with Ball 'n' Chains, there is a thin path with two Inky Piranha Plants. The Medal is just past the bridge, at the end of a small path.

Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough World 1-2

Cheat: At the area with the Koopa Troopas and ? Blocks, Mario can jump on one of the ? Blocks and do a Crouch Jump. If done correctly, he should go up the edge of the level. Then, Mario should continue to the right side, and jump over a gap. Doing so leads Mario beyond the Warp Pipe, and into a small room with a orange Warp Pipe. If Mario goes into the Warp Pipe, he is warped to World 2.