World 1-1

World 1-1 is the first course of World 1, and subsequently, of Super Mario 3D Land. It is a simple outside course that introduces the players to the Super Leaf. When Mario starts, he crosses a small bridge with a leaping Cheep-Cheep to an area with two Brick Blocks along with a Question Block that has a Super Leaf inside. He then crosses another stream. Soon after, an area with Brick Blocks and bushes in the ground are found. If Mario goes off the nearby fence there is a crate blocking a tunnel with a 1-up mushroom in it. Also, on the blocks that hold the tunnel there is a bird that flies away when Mario approaches it, revealing a 1-up mushroom. Close to this area is a small wall and two Elevators to help Mario get to the top. Above the cliff, there are many dandelions, some trees, and two Goombas. Notice that the player can blow into the microphone or manually destroy the dandelions, which can sometimes expose coins. Ahead is a castle-like wall and many Brick Blocks. In one of them is hidden a gear that makes the ground under it rise when Mario spins it by swinging the Tanooki-tail of his Tanooki Suit. Above is a small roof with Crates. After Mario exits this area, he can use a pair of Binoculars to see Toad attempting to teach how to jump on the Flagpole. Mario can head forward to some Tail Goombas, Brick Blocks, and Jump Blocks. Some land platforms and wooden bridges are found in an narrow path, leading to more Tail Goombas and a Grand Tail Goomba. A small island is in the middle of pond up ahead, with coloured blocks and the Goal Pole.

Star Medal 1: Just across the first river, on the south end of the second landmass, there are four platforms, divided by the river and connected by a tightrope. On this tightrope is the Star Medal.
Star Medal 2: Near the Midway Flag, there is a tree. By climbing the tree, the player can see some jump blocks, which leads them to a platform with a Warp Pipe. Down this pipe, there are several large used blocks stacked together. A block floating near the others (which appears to be stacked on top of another used block) has the Star Medal.
Star Medal 3: Near the end of the stage, there are several platforms and a bridge, with a tightrope connecting them. The Star Medal is floating above the tightrope.

Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough World 1-1 - Bowser's Done It, Again...

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