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This was one of my first reviews ever on the internet, here reprinted for the first time since the closing down of my blog. Enjoy.


Well, this is gonna be a little different format than I normally use because of the unique style of the game.


If you're thinking wii music is some Guitar Hero / Rockband clone, you're mistaken. Wii music is more of a music creation program. But the thing is, the level of control isn't there to be able to really play what you want. When playing the game, all you do is swing your arms about to the beat of the music and hold certain buttons to get different sounds. My short description of the controls actually makes it sound like there's more to it than there actually is too. I've seen games for 4 year olds that require more thought and input.

Which leads us into the volume of instruments. Don't get your hopes up too much though. In reality there's only about 5 instruments, and other versions that just sound different. I was really hoping that they would work out some interesting gameplay mechanic to make the different versions of instruments feel different, but there was none of that.

The game modes are one of the more interesting features of the game. They of course have the play through modes where you are a peice in the band and you do your thing through the given song. They also have a free play mode to let you test the different instruments, which is kinda wasted being as you have almost no control of the notes you're playing. There are also a few mini games to play. Oddly, the mini games are the most interesting part of the game. Honestly I think it's cause it's the only part of the game that you're judged on what you do, so you have to try and do good. You can also do things like save videos and what not from your 'performances' which the only reason to really do this is to unlock items being as it's the easiest way to do so.

Now you'd expect that even if the game itself isn't good, at least there's gonna be some good music. Wrong again. Not only is a good portion of the music songs they used because they didn't have to pay for them (Twinkle Little Star for example), But they're all midi's. Not just midis in fact, but poorly done midis with no depth and a really poor sound. Honest truth, there's a possibility that the nintendo songs sounded better when they were played on the SNES. And it's not a situation such as 'it's only the wii, so it's capabilities are less'. We know this isn't the fact because games like GH and RB have been released on Wii. And on top of that, many of our favorite Wii games even used a full orchestrated album. And it's not like space was wasted on graphics because it uses Mii's and some goofy looking menues and that's it.

In our modern day of gaming, we've come to expect more. If you're going to base your game on intuitive controls, make them fun to use. If it's a music game, at the very least try and put in some good music for people, with high quality to boot. As for the character of the game, it's so damned patronising it makes me feel like they were talking to a 3 year old. Which leads me to the thought that I think the only people who would have any real desire to play this would be 3 year olds. And if that's the case, Nintendo's developers are idiots because mom and dad would probably opt to buy the much more affordable and stimulating fischer price toy than this game.

I'm being hard on this because it deserves it. The best single word description I can give this game is pointelss. It shouldn't have been released like this, at the very least don't expect people to pay $50 for it.

From me, this game gets a big fat F. I really couldn't find any redeming qualities that could warrent a better score.

If you are still interested in this game, I urge you to rent it first.
Frozen Iceman said:
Dear lord. I remember this game. I hated it, returned it, and decided to buy my usual soda.
Great review, all of these points are spot on. Especially the MIDI music. I've heard better on Atari games.

Mario Paint beats it by a long shot. :p
While I do admit I never played this game, I've seen some of the videos of this game and I don't see what's so great about this game.  I remember there was a review of this on Nintendo District (I don't remember if you made that or someone else) and there was a fanboy who came and slightly complained of the rating and why it was so low.  I lol'd.

But for this..  I'm glad I didn't rent/buy the game.  The gameplay didn't catch my interest.  Nice review, Aegis.
Wacky109 said:
While I do admit I never played this game, I've seen some of the videos of this game and I don't see what's so great about this game.  I remember there was a review of this on Nintendo District (I don't remember if you made that or someone else)

Yeah, I put it on ND and I think it was Cory who freaked out. I think I got warned for that though because I swore at him or something. :p