Why does everyone hate Internet Explorer?

I don't get it.  :-\

I like Chrome just as much as I like IE. I don't have too many problems with either of the two.

Please explain.

IE was the first one I used, since the day I learned how to use a computer, that's what I use. I'm used to it and never had any major problem with it. I've used Chrome, Safari and Firefox and it's kinda awkward when I use one of them, I'm just too used to IE even though I know it's not the best one. Right now I'm using IE and it's okay. I've tried to quit it, but it's just how the toolbars are placed and all the options you have and etc, when I use another one I just get confused. :p
I don't really hate this browser, but as most people mentioned other browsers I simply find faster.
My biggest issue is the unknown malware and viruses that sometimes appear.

The Internet Explorer ad that I've been seeing countless times on television recently had a pretty damn interesting song. Forgot what it's called, but it's very catchy. So I guess it did something right. =P
Speed is never an issue. It's always the same as the other browsers. No viruses or malware from IE for me, and it never crashes. If anything, Firefox crashes on me more often than anything else. The only thing I can think of is that Firefox and Chrome have add ons you can install, but that's not a reason to say IE sucks.

And don't think I am getting lucky as I use IE at school and at the library without any issues.