Who I subscribe to on YouTube

kietass- Makes good basketball highlights in good quality

NASCARNixon- Dude used to have an old channel I subbed to so I subbed to the new one. Mainly posts funny NASCAR vids.

DeamonFahng- Ziggy! :D :D :D

HuntMac- lol just felt like it, go Hunt!

AJR157- Guy is deaf so I subbed due to oity but he does have some ight videos in NASCAR and just vlogs now

SpiderStaryu- aka Sushi Boy here. I dont watch a lot of his videos since he ups like 2 million but I've watched a few. Mainly did this to help a bud out.

pacmancucumber- Sometimes ups funny NASCAR vids

durden77- First LP person listed, though i dont think he does any anymore.

DragonFranchise- Used to upload Madden games but i dont think he does anymore

nascargavin8- Posts good NASCAR vids w/ MRN commentary, not that you guys would know what that means

Cypheron48- First LP person I ever watched for Banjo Tooie, now doing DK64 and Bomberman something

AllWaltrip- Hall of Fame NASCAR driver Darrell Waltrip, subbed to keep up with his weekly vids recapping races

KHIVideoGuy- Rarely ups videos (has 5 i think) but are usually funny pranks around NASCAR driver/owner Kevin Harvick's team

DokiDokiP- 4th forum person (from NC) 3rd LP person, and final one on my list. Subbed cuz he makes really cool videos. Currently just did Super Mario Sunshine and is doing a Zelda game and a GBA Kirby game