Who here has played all Mario Karts?

I've managed to play all of them. Own all of them too, except for Mario Kart 64, ironically enough. Decided against getting it from Club Nintendo, mainly because of problems with already having a Wii U and no Classic Controller or anything to play it with. But, MK64 was the first Mario Kart I ever played, as I rented it often during the N64 era (for some reason, I rented most of my N64 games, only owned so many). So I got Double Dash first (was bundled with the Gamecube), then MKDS, then MKW, then I got Super Circuit via ambassador program on the 3DS, then I got MK7, then I got Super Mario Kart on the Virtual Console when it was available on Club Nintendo.

But regardless, I've played all the main Mario Karts. I don't think anyone here has played the arcade ones, did they? I've never really been to an arcade, so I never really got a chance to play the game (let alone see it, seriously, where the heck is it located?).