Which Kong Would You Use More Off?


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DKC1: I'd use Diddy more, and the only reason why is because Donkey Kong can absolutely suck when it comes to pure platforming stages. IMO, he's only good for crushing tough enemies, and then Diddy handles all of the hard work like jumping and sneaking across traps. =P

DKC2: I'd use Dixie more just because of her hair swing. That thing was so useful to get through most of the levels and to get all of the hard items from up in the air.

DKC3: I use Dixie more because Kiddy Kong is slow as f***. =P

Wolf: Don't you mean "Kiddy Kong"? =P
DKC 1: Diddy Kong. His speed was useful in most cases, and could break breakable walls easily with barrels (holds them in front of his body). Donkey Kong was only useful for defeating a few enemies without the help of a TNT barrel.

DKC 2: Diddy Kong, for same reasons. Dixie was useful for crossing large gaps.

DKC 3: I never played DKC 3.
DKC 1: Diddy. Diddy was faster and easier to jump with, except when it came to the big guys. =P
DKC 2: Dixie. I loved using her tail spin to get everywhere, Diddy wasn't as helpful this time...
DKC 3: Dixie. Same thing as the second one, the tail spin helped. I absolutely HATED Kiddy Kong, the only thing he was good for was as a "catapult". =P
DKC: I use them both evenly. Only when I wanna do a "speed run" I will try to mainly use Diddy only just to rush through the levels faster.
DKC2: Mainly use Dixie because she has the same speed with the bonus of twirling. Gives you an extra lee-way if rushing through the levels and you jump into a pit; you can twirl back.
DKC3: I wanna say Kiddy and Dixie have the same speed as well? Not sure the hate on Kiddy :p He just screams when he dies, but Dixie's crying can make ya mad, too :p But anyway, I use Dixie mostly as well just for the extra lee-way of twirling.
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Konkey Kong