When did you start playing Pikmin?

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Alright, whatever, when did you start playing the Pikmin series? When did you pick up the controller to play these amazing games?

I started in 2008 and got extremely hooked to it. 1 had the rush feeling while 2 was just spectacular. Spent hours playing multiplayer and I actually never got around to beating the final boss, still. For those who remember my Pikmin SMF forum, hahhaaha, Pikmin nonsense everywhere. It's time I shut up now. :p
Ah ha! So that's how it happened, when we discussed Pikmin 3 in E3 2008. You got hooked, I see.

Started playing it in December 2001. I didn't think I would enjoy it at first, but I did when I first played it. It was a challenging game at first, since you were timed. It was fun controlling the little creatures to collect Ship Parts and attack enemies. Got the second game in September 2004, for my birthday. That game was a lot better than the first.
I played Pikmin 1 (NPC) in like 2009 and played Pikmin 2 in 2010. I love both games, but Pikmin 2 is so much better since there's caves and power-ups and new types of Pikmin and the Pikmin tripped a LOT LESS.

Yeah I didn't get the GC ones since I never heard of Pikmin until Chugga's LP of it. XD
Just this year actually. :p

I wanted to see what was so special about the Pikmin series with Pikmin 3 coming out soon I decided to go to Gamestop and pick up the newly released Pikmin 2 Nintendo Selects. Sadly they didn't have it in stock yet, but they just so happen to have New Play Control: Pikmin for like $20. So I got it loved it, and then got Pikmin 2 and loved it. I'm super excited for Pikmin 3 now! :D