What Was The Least and Most Memorable Year For You At MPL?


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Well, for me it'd have to be 2010 because that's when I joined.

And judging from the 2009 board here, it seems to have been the least memorable for the forum.
2009 was lame cause I was kinda banned and even overlooking the place it looked boring as hell. I think 2010 was more of a build-up year to set the foundation straight for today which I think we've done a good job with.

I think 2011 would be my favorite, just cause I like making every year or day the best.
I was a part-time guest in '09 and it was really really inactive so I didn't sign up. :p
Each year has its phases of memory and lack thereof.

08 - Memories lie in being an early member, not so memorable was it being a young forum + SPF + random stuff that was chaotic.
09 - Memorable for being a bit more active midyear, not so memorable was Lent.
10 - Memorable for the change to MPL and activity influx. Not so memorable for the greater severity of drama.
11 - So far, memorable for more activity and what I think is a tighter community. Not so memorable for me is undoubtedly that pointless spat I had w/ Aegis. :p Still awaiting the second half of the year. :p