What the...

So earlier this morning I was playing Tomb Raider: Chronicles and I used glitches to skip a bit of the level meaning I didn't have to use some items, when I got to the next level, well, this is what one of them turned into...

Lara's ass! I also have one of the Wheels that you are supposed to collect earlier in the level.

I just thought it was a bit weird.
Pyro Coroner said:
i've had that happen before with the wood handle needed to make the shovel in tr4. i think it's some kind of loading glitch where the item's textures aren't included for certain levels and so they just load bits off of lara's model. it's still pretty funny though. :p
Considering you had to use that item later in a level (I haven't gotten very far in TR4) did it screw up because it was Lara's ass, or did it work fine?