What is your favorite location?

What's your favorite Real world location?

  • Mushrise Park

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  • Dozing Sands

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  • Mt. Pajamaja

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  • Driftwood Shore

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  • Pi'illo Castle

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  • Neo Bowser Castle

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Oh please do tell me what's your favorite location!

MY personal favorite is Wakeport! It's so gorgeous and the characters are fun, plus, it's not like the other locations where you battle enemies pretty much everywhere. Here, there are only about three spots where monsters reside.

But which is your favorite? Vote above!
You forgot the final area. Also no dreamy versions? Lol

Pajamaja is amazing in terms of its depth. Today I was playing through it to grind Dodge 10 as well as grab some beans (missing two somewhere still) and free the last few Pi'illos there, and while it is pretty stagnant now it gives me great memories of when I first went through.

Dreamy Wakeport and Driftwood are both very nicely designed. I do like their real world counterparts for the shops I must admit. :p