What is an Acceptable Amount of Luck?

SuperZambezi said:
Mario Party is mainly criticized for its huge use of luck, but sometimes we forget that the game is based around a board game where luck is an essential element. For you, what is the acceptable amount of luck? Where do you think more luck should be placed, and where should there be less luck? Board events? Minigames? The Dice block?

Sometimes we forget?  I think we easily - I mean all too often - forget Mario Party is a board game because there's a good element of skill involved, in and outside the game board.  Sure, the game's primarily luck based, but still...

Anyway, your questions:
Acceptable elements of luck?  The Dice and positive events of luck(hidden blocks).

"Chance time" style events are acceptable if they're fairly easy to manipulate (as they are in the first 3 Mario Parties, save the last block you hit).

Bowser events... you're NOT supposed to like them.  So... make them like the first 3 MPs: a Roulette that not all mini-games (1 at most) and at least one that's unquestionably bad to the person who landed on the Bowser Space and another that affects all players (negatively, preferably).

Mini-Games: NOT IN ANY EVENT WHERE SOMETHING IS ON THE LINE.  Battle Games, Duels, and Bowser Games(which can be PAINFUL in 6 and 7). Only one 4 player, 1-3, and 2-2 minigame should be luck-based, max.  If you INSIST on putting in more, give us an option to choose which games appear in the roulette, like in MP4.  And put a minimum # of each type, like 10 4player games and 6 1-3, 2-2, and Battle games.

Items:  Personally, I prefer the Orb System as far as items go, but overall, I believe they're made to help overcome the effect of bad luck.  Put at least 2 item shops and 8 item mini-game spaces (and obviously, item mini-games, but don't make them all easy).  Item generators... free items are great but they run on blind luck, so overall, I'm not sure.  Not in my proposed set-up, though.

And I already mentioned "Game Guy" kinds of things...
As the series contains luck, it is more considered to be "pointless" by some gamers.

The Dice Block randomizes so it's almost impossible for the player to get the number that he/she wants to reach their target space. Minigames, you can't just win ANY minigame during a Mario Party game because a low number of them shows a high amount of Chance (Examples: Cheep Cheep Chance, Chips and Dips, Cut from the Team, Bowser's Big Blast, Day at the Races, etc.). Events? You'll never know what happens until you reach it. That's why I use four controllers so I don't lose.