What if Game Guy Returned?

What if Game Guy from Mario Party 3 returned? How would you react? He was that Shy Guy with the Golden Mask who hosted his gambling minigames of all or nothing. I kind of want him to return since he only had one Mario Party appearance and his minigame theme was reused in Mario Party Advance. I highly doubt he will though, many hated him.

SpectJinx said:
Don't make him take all your coins, and let the player choose the coins they want to wager. Game Guy cost me some victories in MP3.

Having the choice to bet how many coins you want to risk does sound like a great idea. I think some players would be able to stand him at least. I really don't mind if he returned and still took every single coin you have. But betting how many coins like in his room sounds better. He should have dozens of Game Guy mini-games including his old ones.

If Game Guy ever returned, I hope his theme from Mario Party 3 is retained.
I'd Loooooove a return of Game Guy. :D

I'd want to choose how much I'd wager, but I expect most people would only wager 1 coin when given the choice.
Therefore, I suggest a Minimum buy-in to keep it interesting: 10 coins or half of all your coins, whichever is more. Or all of them if you don't have 10 coins.

Also, if the Lucky Medal item returns with Game Guy, it should force the target to wager all their coins to make the item still useful. ;)