Welcome to the Awards Board! (Guidelines)

Welcome to the Awards Ceremony Board! These awards are handed out for 2012! So, sorry if you don't see your name or anything, we're counting the year of 2012, not 2013! That's for the 6th anniversary!! But, let me just put a few words out there and some hopefully helpful info.

-Awards start now, and close January 19th, 2013, 12:00 PM EST.
-You have to cast your vote BEFORE the deadline presented above, otherwise they won't count.
-You should not be able to see the voting count until it's done. If you do see it, inform an admin immediately.
-Vote for whoever you want, you can only vote once on each poll!
-You can't nominate anyone, the nominations have already been decided, and are presented on each poll.
-Let's not get too crazy, alright guys!? These are just awards.

Otherwise, have fun, and good luck to everyone! ~SpiderStaryu