Blades, Bows, Clubs, Staves (or Staffs), Palms, Orbitars, Arms, Claws and Cannons. 108 weapons in all. What do you use? :p

It has been a while since I've played but I know some of my main weapons are Silver Bow, Palutena Bow (usually the Silver over Palu tho), Midnight Palm (with epic Back-Dash-Charge and homing awesomeness), Palutena Blade, and I think Wolf Claws? I've never really gotten into Cannons, Clubs or Arms sadly. For me mobility is everything so the heavier weapons aren't my faves. I think I was starting to pick up staves, particularly Ancient and Rose for some reason.

Also on the topic of Weapon Fusion, I tend to fuse when I can stack damage and effects together without too much loss of other perks. (Things like incr dmg on dash charge attacks, and homing, sway me a fair bit) My favorite effects are probably freeze and weaken (the latter being a beast if hitting true).

My opinion on the Zodiac Weapons is that the stock ones you would first discover (if you opened them on 6.5+ difficulty I envy your finesse lol) are average but ones you fuse are pretty sweet. Aquarius Blade is awesome and probably one of my faves, along with Taurus Arm and Gemini Orbitars.