Usernames I've use since I joined

I will post why I put that username. All my usernames will be here.

I simply like shyguys and the paper mario series.

Griffins are suppose to be powerfuls.


I'm a big fan of zelda and I remember the boomerang in Twilight Princess. I'm happy to be in the first 5 fans.
I know King Boo, Berry Larry that are fans and King Boo told me that VIP knows a lot of zelda. That makes 4, anybody else?

The Air:
Just for fun!!! ;D

I'm now a buzzy beetle.

Get a Life
I will use this username for a short time. It's a funny sentence that I say to people that doesn't have a life or that are really anoying.


There isn't an event or anything that made me change my username, but I got bored of the Get a Life thing. Those people will never get a life, those anoying people that only intimidates other weak students, poor them. Instead of taking the Spirit_of_Fire name back I change into something important, the ''Water''. Summer is coming and I'll drink lot of water(and juice,pepsi)


Last element of the four, I got 450 posts, so I change, after this I will have something completely different.

Kid Cudi

The Spirit went to heaven. Long life to Spirit_of_.... . This is my new name from now to when I'll change to something else.
I use this username in MPF.

New usernames means new sign, but not now, until I get 500 post.
Grow Up

I'm not replacing Kid_Cudi, like Get a Life, it's for a short time, now this is good for here, for all noobs, GROW UP PLEASE.

The Assassin/Assassin

Special for CK, I'll have it until we are eliminated or until we win against all teams.

o_O.... so long until something new. :p

Christmas Spirit

This was an event name, only for December 1st to December 25th. I won't use this name until next christmas (if I want to use it again)

Swedish House Mafia/S.H.M./SHM

This is my favorite group of DJ. This groups contains three DJs; Axwell (my favorite dj of all time), Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso. They are Electro/House music artists... I added ''(Spirit)'' so you people can recognize me, but I'll probably take it out after... who knows.. :p
I'll use this display name until I get tired of it... =P


The DJ form of Spirit. :p I like many DJs and people know me better as Spirit. =P

Marc.o/Marco G

I took a random DJ's name I like and used it as my display name. :p The ''Marc.o'' name was even more random.


Nimbasa City Gym Leader! Probably my favorite gym leader from B&W. :3

DJ Swangler/Swangler
It was RCT inspired, good gosh.

Nostalgia purposes.
No offense, but you have awfully stupid usernames.

Spirit15: just gtfo of my blog