Unofficial Discography

I thought I had this topic done in here, looks like I was wrong haha.

Okay first thing, these are compilations I've made. I have made the transitions between each song, so it's like one song after the other without stopping. Also, in the industry of House, Electronic and other genre of music, they release compilations where they choose the best tunes of the moment. It's not a one artist album. If the albums contains 18 songs, it won't necessarly come from the same artist. Another thing, DJs don't always use the original versions. Sometimes they'll use a remix for the compilation, so it's normal if songs sound different.

Now, this is obviously unofficial, because you won't see these compilations in a store or something like that. This is like fan works. It's also normal if you don't see a song made by me, cuz I still haven't started the producing stuff. Only the transitions between songs. I go step by step. I normally make three compilations per year, one at the start of the year, around February-March. Another one at the start of Summer, around June-July and the last one is made around October-November for the end of the year.

Those that have artworks are the best ones so far. I'll post them in order, from the first I made till the last one. I'll put the list in chronological order:

Feber 2010 (Released February 2010)
The RadioMix (Released April 2011)
Summer Weapons 2011 (Released June 2011)
Winter Weapons 2011 (Released October 2011)
From Outer Space 2012 (Released February 2012)
Summer Weapons 2012 (Released June 2012)
Winter Weapons 2012 (Released October 2012)
From Outer Space 2013 (Released February 2013)
Summer Weapons 2013 (Released June 2013)
Winter Weapons 2013 (Released October 2013)
From Outer Space 2014 (Released January 2014)
Summer Weapons 2014 (Released May 2014)
Sounds Of Freedom Vol. 1 (Released October 2014)
From Outer Space 2015 (Released January 2015)
Summer Weapons 2015 (Released May 2015?)
Sounds Of Freedom Vol. 2 (Released October 2015)

Winter Weapons 2009
From Outer Space 2010 (Retake of Feber 2010)
Summer Weapons 2010
Winter Weapons 2010
From Outer Space 2011 (Retake of TheRadioMix)
Summer Weapons 2011 (Retake of Summer Weapons 2011)

The only project that I always manage to get done in time! :p


Expect a Teaser this week.

Coming to Soundcloud February 12!! Which means it is the last chance to listen to the Summer Weapons 2012 compilation!!

I'll post others later.