Top ten's ahoy!

Top Ten game series of the generation

Be it Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo, this generation has see a whole lot of sequels, building up great game series. Here are my personal top ten. To be qualified for the list, the games must be of this generation, not of the last gen. Also, if I haven't played it, I can't judge.

10: Gears of War
The white knuckled, fast pace third person action the Gears of War series provides is fresh and strong. While game play barely found a place of difference between the first two, 3 perfected the game play formula and introduced many great features.

09: Batman: Arkham
While someone may complain that this wouldn't count since it's more specifically Batman, I count the Arkham series as it's own spot PURELY because of how well put together the game play is compared to other past endeavors.

08: Transformers: Cybertron
See the above, the games saved the name of Transformers in the gaming industry.

07: Saints Row
Okay, let me just put this straight - I don't just LOVE the humor! The gameplay is a bit bland to me, but when you throw in a friend the fun just keep going! Coop in this game was a breath of fresh air in my lungs, and thats why it earned this spot.

06: Assassin's creed
Sandbox gaming at it's greatest form. Assassin's Creed II in my eyes is the series's magnum opus and I DEARLY hope that III captures the same graces. Fast gameplay, loads of fun, perfect combination.

05: Bioshock
the atmosphere alone is worth the price of admission into the city of Rapture, while I found 2 to be somewhat lackluster compared to the classic, I still loved both games with a burning passion! Let's hope Infinite carves it's own space as one of the greatest games in the history of this generation.

04: Left 4 Dead
Okay, if it wasn't apparent from what I said about Saint's Row: I freaking love coop. This game nearly perfected coop to me, the one complain I had was the inability to really help my teammates beyond covering them when they try to heal. I haven't even used a defib. So with Left 4 Dead taking the cake as one of my FAVORITE coop experience, what could POSSIBLY top it?

03: Borderlands
Oh. That. YES.
I love Borderlands, and everything having to do with it! The humor was spot on, the game play was addicting and the coop experience was amazing. Four separate classes, who can help teammates with perks and abilities such as healing your partners with bullets (Cauterize on the Soldier for those who are wondering what I'm talking about). Also a great example of DLC done right besides a certain arena........ cough.

02: Uncharted
I've only played bits and pieces of the first two games, but they compel me to get a PS3 this Christmas. Fun game play, good story, example of gaming at it's finest. But only one series could beat it. Only one thing could knock this down on the list. what would that be?

01: Mass Effect
RPG at it's finest and shooing at it's funnest, when I play a Mass Effect game I feel more at home in a game than any game has made me feel in years. The action is great, the story kept me on the edge of my seat when things got heavy and even managed to make me cry at some points. This game has a story that knows how to take care of itself. The characters are well thought of, and heavily realistic. The weapons are inventive and look like what I'd expect from a futuristic environment, and most importantly.....
It's been kicking Star Wars's @$$ when you look at EVERYTHING created after Episode 1. When I think gaming, I see Mass Effect. When I think Sci fi I think Mass Effect. When I think Jar-Jar Binks, I die a little inside.