Top 5 Marvel Weapons

Next countdown is the Weapons' top 5 list! Like last week, I will make one post per day till we reach Friday. How I choose my favorite weapons is really on personal opinions. You may or not agree with me, I don't mind that.
Not every superhero or villain is granted some extremely great powers, some of them relay on their weapons to defeat the opposing side. How it is use depends on their talent and all obviously.
Remember, this is opinion based and not which weapon is the most powerful or anything like that.

5. Captain America's Shield

Yep, Captain America makes another appearance in a top 5 list! This time with his weapon. Even though he can't really shoot or ''cut'' with it or whatever ''weapons'' do, you cannot deny that this is more than just a simple shield. It is made from some of the strongest components in Marvel's universe, vibranium and adamantium respectively. It can basically absorb the strongest hits, from Hulk's punches to Thor's hammer hits. Plus, the fact that this shield absorbs hits, means the Cap doesn't feel the force of impact. It is also noticeable in many scenes from all three current movies. In some comic entries, it is classified as ''indestructible'' and in most cases, it is true. Being used defensively and offensively, it truly plays a great part of Captain America's power. Throwing that shield can destroy you, I'm telling you. It is solid, not heavy and can be used as something more than just a shield.

With all those facts, there's no reason for this shield to not make it into this list.

4. Destroyer (Enchanted Armor)

After a huge hiatus, I have decided to at least finish this countdown. On the 4th position comes the Destroyer. Depending on your knowledge, you will know it as Odin's guardian or as a mystic armor created by Odin that could contain vast amounts of the Gods' energies. Both are good in this case. Now, even though the Destroyer isn't a gun or anything of that style, it can still be considered a weapon. A weapon is used to defend yourself, to protect and attack. Manage to do any of these and you get a weapon. Hell, I could use my t-shirt as a weapon if I wanted to, you know. Back to the Destroyer, it is probably one of the most dangerous weapons I know in the Marvel universe. Depending on the spirit inhabiting the armor, it can have superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes and so on. The best of all is, it can even levitate and shoot powerful bolts of energy (as seen in the first movie of Thor). This even influenced the S.H.I.E.L.D. in the movies to use that power to create weapons. In the first Avengers movie, a prototype can be seen used by Phil Coulson.

Better than having a gun is having your own guardian armor defend you. It is extremely powerful and resistant. It has literally no weaknesses. Though, then again, depending on the spirit inhabiting the armor, it can go out of control. So, we'll leave this thing to Thor and/or Odin to handle.

Will be posting #3 later tonight.

3. Deadpool's Katanas

When a weapon becomes part of yourself, then it is more than just a weapon. Deadpool is probably one of the greatest superheroes and his set of katanas just make him way more badass. The composition of his katanas has some kind of metal alloy capable of deflecting huge impacts such as explosion and bullets. It isn't just your usual katana. This weapon by itself is pretty much ordinary, how you use it though is what makes it unique. Wade Wilson (Deadpool) had extensive training in martial arts, more precisely Kenjutsu. Being a mutant, his talent brought him further and he's capable of doing way more than just an ordinary human being. Having super reflexes and agility, the Katanas come in really handy. The Katanas are really resistant too, they can take a lot of damage and still be used as if they were new.

I must admit I prefer cutting weapons over guns, etc and that's probably why the Katanas are here. Deadpool + Katanas = Pure epicness.

2. Hawkeye's Bow & Arrows

High tech bow and arrows! Do I really need to say more? He has a quiver full of ''trick'' arrows. Ice, fire, ordinary, explosive and so much more to choose from, it's crazy! With this weapon, Hawkeye is a better version of Legolas, I'm telling you. Even though, we see this type of weapon a bit everywhere, Clint Barton's customization makes it just much more cooler. Bow and arrows have been used since.... way loooooooooooong ago, but this way of using it is super efficient and depending on your needs, the different type of arrows can come in handy. Add in a bit of strength, knowledge in martial arts and a couple of other great attributes and you have yourself an awesome character. The bow and arrow's is Hawkeye's trademark and it's just so well represented.

1. Infinity Gauntlet

At the top of my list comes the Infinity Gauntlet. The biggest, most powerful weapon ever in the Marvel universe. You don't really wanna mess with someone who is in possession of this gauntlet. To be able to ''master'' this thing, you must have collected all six infinity stones. These are the space stone, the mind stone, the reality stone, the power stone, the soul stone and the time stone. Having each one of these stones will grant you the power to control these six powers (the stones are named after it). Thanos manages to collect all of these stones and incorporates them into the gauntlet. What he can do with it is... extreme. With this thing, battling cosmic entities becomes really possible and easy, you can take over anything, control the universe. Fighting gods can seem like just a recreational activity. It takes a lot more to stop someone in possession of this glove. I won't say much more, since the universe is huge in the comics.