Top 20 Video Game Box Art

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7. Fire Emblem Awakening

One word for this one: EPIC! It's like they all decided to make a massive attack or something and that is simply amazing. Even though the background is really simple as it is just a gradient, all the characters poses make up for it. It's what I call great balance, as a more complex background would have most likely been too much for this already great box art. It really just makes me wish the image would move and that we could see the results. I imagine I have to play the game to see the action, which I haven't yet. With that said, there aren't too many portable game box arts on this countdown, but this has to be one of them as it is like I said... EPIC. Really there's no better word to describe, I'm trying to find other words, but they're not coming out. Fantastic!? Yeah!
For fun! What would be the catchiest word or more interesting one in your opinion?

Opus 3 (16.7%)
Synthesizer 5 (27.8%)
Colyton 4 (22.2%)
Sigma 6 (33.3%)

For those wondering, this is just to imagine what could a series title sound like.

6. Okami (PS2)

Okami is one of those games I had never heard about until way too late. I remember Marvel vs Capcom 3 being the first time I heard about this game, and that was until 2011-2012 at most. It is still on my list of most wanted games I want to play, when will this happen? I really don't know. Whether it's the PS2 or Wii version, I don't pretty much care. Now, this is about the box art, isn't it? One word I'd use to describe it is ''Majestic''. I also went with the PS version over the Wii version, as I feel the colors give it a mysterious and elegant feel to it. The blue color from the Wii version didn't give that. This box art represents super well what it should be. It also gives the Japanese culture such a really nice feel which I'm a fan of. Amaterasu looks simply so great on this too! It is truly an outstanding beautiful box art and it deserves to be on this list. Elegant, majestic, beautiful, unique.

5. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

It is really cold, it feels like your life is in peril. These are two ideas I get from this box art. The Uncharted series is one amazing thrill ride and the second game is not only the best game in my honest opinion, but it also has the best box art from the bunch. The game is action packed and it's shown pretty well. Retaking one of the best action sequences from the game was a great idea. It's a refreshing concept that shows the character(s) won't have it easy. Mountains, ice, a derailing train and of course, mystical artifacts. It's some kind of scary, some kind of mysterious, some kind of epic. Yes, epic indeed. Simple and short.

4. Tomb Raider

It's back to back treasure hunters this weekend it seems! I don't think I really need to explain why this is here as the amazing box art speaks for itself. If we start with the title, it's pretty simple but fits perfectly well with the rest of the design. The dark red gives something great I can't even explain tbh. Then the position of protagonist Lara Croft doesn't do much right? She's standing there, but does she really need to do something? I don't think so. The expression and how she is standing says a lot of what the game has to offer. She's in pain, exhausted, tired and she has definitely gone through a lot. It's all complimented with an amazing background. The rain gives the whole thing a great effect. The water, the waves are perfect. She seems to be in somekind of cave and all. Truly, it is amazing. The lightning is just perfect. I really want to play this game now.

3. Assassin's Creed 3

Gorgeous stuff. If I had to choose one Assassin's Creed game for the best box art, it would be this one, no doubt on that. The very first games had similar box arts, they shared something in someway. This one was a game changer and after various installments that came after, it still is the greatest one. Let's start with the fact that in previous and later games, the box art showed the protagonist just... standing in some pose, while this one shows him in action. They show Connor's origins really well and we know right from the start that you don't want to mess with him. It's violent, but gorgeous. Everything is looking on point and we can truly feel the scene. The tomahawk is well chosen, the outfit looks great. It's also set during winter which is imo, the best season they could have chosen for the occasion. We know there will be war, we know it won't be an easy ride, but mostly, we know we'll have a good time. Assassin's Creed 3 falls on the 3rd spot, coincidence? I think not!

2. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (JP/EU)

Nothing says more adventure and exploration than this masterpiece. Yes, I must admit Wind Waker is one of my all time favorite Zelda games and games overall. With that said, it doesn't take out the fact that in my honest opinion, this is one of the best box art ever made. Since the day video games exist, we have seen some great ones and some least good ones. The original Wind Waker box art on the GCN was good, but it wasn't exactly anything special. With the HD remake though, they surpassed any of the Zelda games and made one of the most amazing jobs. Also, I chose the JP/EU version over the North American one since I feel the gold color is a bit too much. It takes out some of the charm. Like really, the colors of the original JP/EU game are outstanding and don't need any editing. It also fits better with the setting of the game. The shades of blue remind me of the ocean. They make me want to revisit every corner of the sea again. The great, charming and well developed characters. Everything about this box art is amazing. Also, one last thing I really want to say. The japanese letters in the title add that touch of elegance the NA and EU don't have.
It's been slightly more than 20 days now, it feels like just yesterday I was starting the countdown. I must say, it wasn't easy to come up with 20 great box arts. All different with cool concepts. My top box art is honestly unexpected even for me, so let's go...

1. Dead Island

Yes, it is indeed Dead Island. Like I said before the spoiler, when I first had the idea of making this countdown, I never expected Dead Island to even make the list. Let me explain. I originally intended to make the countdown with what I knew and remembered. Though, I decided to actually make some research and with that research I managed to find some really great ones, this one included. Now the reasons why this one is at the top. At first sight, it really is a gorgeous box art and it is extremely catchy for the eyes. Everything is perfectly done and balanced. Even though, there is a lot on it, it just works so well. The zombie itself is amazing. The patterns on its body give it something different, cool and modern. The surroundings, the trees and the background overall is extremely well done. It gives the box art some intensity, some uniqueness. Add a storm to that and it looks even more badass. The lightning is done in a smart way, which doesn't take any of the ''charm'' from this piece of art. Even the rating, the logos and the title don't bother in here. Finally, the title is perfectly integrated. The color is well chosen and how it has a palm tree and a zombie on it is just perfect. The moment I saw this box art when making my researches, I knew it would go really high on this list. It's the greatest box art I've seen so far. Now I wonder, will it still be my top one in the next few years? I know some really great looking games are coming, and the amount of potential great box arts is big.

To all those that have been following the list from the start, I tell you thank you. To those that have been voting, thank you all. It gives me a great idea of what I'd love on my own box art for a series. Hopefully, really soon, I have some drafts on how I would make it. Expect some special mentions tomorrow, perhaps, along with the last poll results. Thank you again!