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After a couple of Marvel countdowns, it's time for something a little different. I'm a huge fan of art and putting my favorite box art in a list won't be exactly easy. One of my thrills is going video game shopping and looking at all the different box arts in the store. I'm always curious and some of them really are great looking.

Sometimes, there are box arts that just make you wow and make you want to play the game. Some others just bring back so many memories and great times from the past. Box Art are a great way to present a game and most of the time, give you a great idea of what awaits you. Even though sometimes these are amazing, it doesn't always mean the game is actually good. So for the next couple of days/weeks, I'll be counting down my top 20 VG box arts. Whether the game sucked or not, it's the box art that matters.

I'll strictly be judging the box art and not the game. It's also opinion based, but you're free to agree or disagree and also suggest what you would've put instead.

I'll be starting this tomorrow as I still have to choose an order for my already chosen games.

EDIT: Also, the main purpose of doing this is because I might use some of these as inspiration for a hand drawn box art I might do sometime later.
...And it starts...!

20. Mortal Kombat X

Something about this box art just seemed right the first time I saw it. It's probably one of the more simple MK box art, but at the same time, one of the greatest. This series is really old, many of us weren't even born when the first game came out. To see how far it got and how much it has evolved is amazing. This box art shows a lot of that when compared to the very first artworks and content of the series. It seems much more darker, violent and hardcore. Just great and the simplicity really paid off with this one. Scorpion looks just deadly badass!

19. Little Big Planet 3

You can't really go wrong with Sackboy and friends on a box art. It captivates the charm of the series and that is one of the few things that make this box art memorable. Even though for many LBP3 wasn't the best in the series, something they did really well was its presentation. It's cute, it's charming, it's beautiful and you know you might have a good time playing this next installation in the series. Oh and those colors, the purple tone is perfect in here. Overall, the result is really convincing.
Colyton said:

19. Little Big Planet 3

You can't really go wrong with Sackboy and friends on a box art. It captivates the charm of the series and that is one of the few things that make this box art memorable. Even though for many LBP3 wasn't the best in the series, something they did really well was its presentation. It's cute, it's charming, it's beautiful and you know you might have a good time playing this next installation in the series. Oh and those colors, the purple tone is perfect in here. Overall, the result is really convincing.

(Sorry got a "little" excited LOL)

18. DmC: Devil May Cry

This next entry might be for some, somewhat controversial. For many, the lastest Devil May Cry game wasn't exactly the best and they do have the right to think that. Though, the box art is sexy as hell. Before anything else, I did consider some of the older ones, but none appealed like this one does to me. It shows the new face of the series pretty well and stands out really well. The new Dante looks badass (and sexy af) and it is all complimented with an amazing background. Also, even if this has nothing to do with the box art... the game is amazing, it is different from all other DMCs, but it's an amazing run, trust me. Hoping for a sequel anytime soon.
Since I might be busy later today, I'm posting it now.

17. Hyrule Warriors

This entry now marks the first entry for Nintendo games and also the first entry for the Legend Of Zelda series (because yes, there might be more). Even though this is a spinoff game, it still has the characters we love from the LoZ games (while adding some new interesting ones). The box art says, badass, says girl power ftw and epicness. It captures the coolness of the series while adding the Dynasty Warriors twist. We can see Hyrule castle in the back, the princess in all her splendor, Lana in all her charming self and Link just being Link, nah he also looks badass. Every color is well chosen to represent the game and shows how action packed it truly is. It's a job really well done. There might be ''a lot'' going on, but it is all well balanced.
I am getting that
Cause the all DLC is there and its on 3DS and I use that more
Vipsoccermaster said:
Oh yes! I suggest you get this game if you get a Wii U. However, there's Hyrule Warriors Legends for 3DS in Spring 2016, so you can look into that instead if you like.
Oh yes!! I'm definitely getting the game. Idc which version, perhaps even both idk, but I am getting it!

Geoman said:
I am getting that
Cause the all DLC is there and its on 3DS and I use that more

16. Call Of Duty: Ghosts

This might be another controversial entry due to the fact that I highly dislike the Call of Duty games and similar titles. Though, not going to lie with the fact that this box art is great and really appealing. Most of the CoD games have had really generic box arts showing a dude with a gun (or two lmao), or a dude in a war, a battlefied and such. I don't really blame the creators of the art since that's kinda the point of the games: war. Even if Ghosts, for many, was a lackluster game or whatever, from what I heard, to me it is the one with the best box art from the bunch. It's refreshing to see something new and different in terms of box art. Activision really did a good job on this one. The outfit chosen for the guy, the cool and dark aspect really works well, it shows how serious it could get and it gives Ghosts its own signature.

15. Rayman Legends

I don't really think I need to explain this entry. The image itself is gorgeous. Rayman is one of those games with great art style that are actually really fun to play. The box art is really appealing and the characters are fun. Tbh, this game has to have one of the best current art styles in gaming. I'm not saying that realistic games are bad, but Rayman Legends has this charm other games don't have. It's a really gorgeous image, I can't really say it otherwise. Even though the main subject is obviously Rayman and the monster, just have a look at the background. It's greatly detailed. It keeps the same color tone yet doesn't get boring. Very well done.

14. Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time

Falling at the 14th position comes the last installment from the Sly Cooper series; Thieves In Time or Sly 4 for short. By now I think it should be known that I'm a fan of colors and even more those found on this box art. Compared to the other games in the franchise, this one clearly comes out as the winner for the best box art. Starting with the fact that Sly has an amazing position, showing that he is no raccoon to mess with. The background also gives it that charm the game has, the comic book motifs that make the series unique in their own way. It's catchy to the eye and it works perfectly well.

13. Paper Mario

Even if, compared to the most recent titles from the series, this one is slightly dated, the first Paper Mario game keeps a special place in my heart (or our hearts, like if you like it, then you too). This very first box art captivated the charming adventure that was about to unfold. It is simple, cute and funny. It shows the teamwork that plays a big part of this game and clearly shows the concept of the game. You can't go wrong with this, it is clearly paper. Like it says really well; Thinner Mario, Bigger Adventure. Sometimes you don't need to go all fancy to show how great a game can be, this one kept it simple and it still works today.

12. Donkey Kong Country

In my really honest opinion, the SNES didn't have that many great looking box arts. Like it mattered anyways? The games were amazing for most part. Though, one that really stands out is the very first DKC box art. It looks beautiful and even after more than 20 years looks great. The graphics have evolved a lot, the quality isn't the same and all, but one thing for sure, this box art was ahead of its time. I don't know if my opinion has something to do with nostalgia too, but I don't have anything bad to say against it. Like just update it a little bit to be on par with today's standards? Even there, it's cute the way it is, it is charming the way it is. This game for many was a revolution and this is probably why it standouts so much. Obviously, we can't really compare it with the most recent titles because of the 20 years (or less if you compare it with Returns) of evolution, but it still keeps a great place in my heart.

Don't forget to vote in the poll for fun! Actually it's kinda important for me too so!

11. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Is it wrong if I say I've never played one of the Metal Gear Solid games? On my defense, I did try a demo of one on the 3DS... Though, played or not, I can still appreciate the box arts and one of those has to be Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Raiden looks badass on this and amazing. It's basically, being amazing without trying too hard. It's just done that way. Everything is on point with this box art and the lightning, good gosh, love it. Even the title itself is done wonderfully and cleverly. The concept is also really well executed. It really makes you want to play the game and cut so many enemies in half. Like who wouldn't want to do that in a game? That said, hoping to play this game some day!

10. Bioshock Infinite

Starting the second half of the countdown and the last one is; Bioshock Infinite! I'm not much of an FPS guy myself and it will most likely be the last genre of game I want to play, but Bioshock is one of those exception. When I first played Bioshock one, I was hooked and actually interested on playing the game. You have more than just guns in the game and that's one of the thrilling parts to it! After my first experience with the series and my second one (Bioshock 2), when Infinite was announced I was excited. It's not until this year that I got to play it, but it is since the first time I saw the box art that I am in love with it. The game itself is great and like I said, I'm not much of an FPS type of guy. If it wasn't for the first two games, I would have still played Infinite. The box art is really convincing and actually makes you want to play the game. The main subject, Booker, has that great feel on it. Many can say it's just another generic box art with a badass dude, but I don't believe so. Everything on the box art also has it's purpose and that is great. Also, I have to mention the other version of the box art featuring Elizabeth is also awesome. I'd have more to say, but I'll end it here!

9. The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GCN)

Like I said when I posted Hyrule Warriors, it wasn't going to be the only entry Zelda related and here we are now! At the number 9 spot of my countdown comes Twilight Princess! First of all, Zelda is one of my favorite series from Nintendo and they always come with some of the greatest games. No matter how hard you can find them, enjoyment will always be part of it! Now this isn't about the game is it? The box art looks amazing to put it simply. At first, you can say it's kinda mysterious, perhaps dark, scary? Showing both sides of Link which will play a huge role in the game. It is done greatly, and the Wolf design is amazingly done. Incorporating the twilight elements and still feels like it is actually a Zelda game. Now, I know in the past there have been complaints about this game trying too hard to be dark and realistic compared to other Zelda games, well I call bs. It was still amazing. Back to the box art, both colors are well chosen to represent the game and different aspects of it. Not to mention the background is greatly done! They managed to show that the Zelda series are serious business. Love it!

8. Super Mario Strikers

Coming at number 8 is none other than the great Super Mario Strikers! I mean, most of Mario's game box arts are... kind of ordinary to say the least, but the strikers series, more precisely the original game on GCN, is one amazing piece of art. It's intense, action packed, amazing looking and shows a whole new face to the Mario games. Soccer or Football (depending on where you live) is in my opinion a beautiful sport and how Strikers handled it was clever. Whether you like the more realistic football games or not, this box art will drag you towards it. The art style is great and fits the game perfectly. Oh, and I would have loved to see either Peach or Daisy on the box art, showing their attitude and how they play soccer. Though, we do have Toad on it. That little piece of fungus that seems weak shows a whole new face, a wild face. Then again, most characters have gone really savage. The whole process makes the game really enjoyable. Going from the box art to the game itself. Really hope we'll get to see a new game someday soon.