Top 15 3D Zelda Bosses

Top 15 ''3D'' Zelda Bosses

Art by Ursula Dorada on Game Art HQ​

So, for my next top series, I'm going for the epic Zelda bosses from the 3D games. I will include both Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks in this countdown even though they're handheld games. I would also include A Link Between Worlds and Tri Force Heroes, but I haven't played them. It would be unfair to judge them without actually experiencing the battles. I was actually thinking of doing this one before the Top 10 Pokemon features, but hey, here it is now.

So to make it clear, here's a list of games I'll take into consideration: Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

This will most likely be the last countdown of the year. If possible I'll end it before December 31st. Knowing myself, I will probably leave some entries for January, but idk. It might also be the last countdown for a while as I have done many for the past months. So that's pretty much it for now.

As a big fan of the 3D Zelda games, I had to do this. I know, I should feel bad for not playing the other games, but it is something I wanna do. Perhaps, someday I'll do something like a Top 30 Zelda Bosses general. Also, with Zelda U coming next year, I want to see what my list would look like before we get the next batch of bosses!

Number 15 will come this weekend! So who do you think will make my top list? If you know me well, you might even know who's top 1!
Before starting the countdown, something I forgot to mention is that I will mostly judge bosses on their design, originality and sometimes difficulty, as some easy bosses are actually awesome. Sometimes their theme song might have an influence on my choice too. With that said, let's go!

15. Eox, Ancient Stone Soldier (Phantom Hourglass)

Even though The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass isn't exactly the best entry in the franchise, it still remains a great game in my honest opinion. It had some awesome content and some less good. Most bosses aren't really memorable, but two of them really standout, those being Gleeok and of course, Eox. It wasn't easy to choose which one deserved to be top 15, but in the end I had to give it to Eox. Guess we could say Gleeok is top 16.

Eox is an ancient machine meant for protection or war for the Cobble Kingdom. It comes from a really old civilization and I must say that's a selling point to me. Old stuff just always seem way more mysterious (The Lanayru Desert in Skyward Sword anyone?). Unfortunately, it's weak points are extremely obvious, as are most weak points from bosses all across the Zelda series... so this kinda isn't a good arguement... now is it? Haha. With that said, who doesn't like to smash things with a hammer. Like, don't you ever just want to smash a wall with a hammer. Or frigging smash Rosalina with the hammer in Smash Bros for WiiU/3DS, it's a guilty pleasure. The fact that this is an imposing boss for a DS game also makes it all that more awesome. It's imposing, taking both screens on the first phase, all while keeping that cartoon feel from the game. Overall a great battle. Would love to see this guy comeback in someway in a spinoff or something like that, with enhanced graphics, attacks and less weak. Imagine this dude in Hyrule Warriors now, totally deserving!

14. Twilit Dragon: Argorok (Twilight Princess)

I think it's almost impossible to not have this boss on my list. I know it's still on the low half, but hey, it made it! The only reason it is this low might be the difficulty level of this boss. With that said, it is an amazing looking dragon, probably one of the best that was seen up until the release of Twilight Princess. Obviously, 9 years have passed since the release of the game and we have seen many other dragons since then. Argorok is simply amazing, scary and really cool looking. The whole setting is also amazingly done. The boss is in some way introduced before you get to its room. Destroying bridges and such. Once you get to its room, or well, to the upper level of the temple, it just gets all more intense. Windy, rainy, thundery, such a great way to battle a deadly dragon.

It's unfortunate how easy this boss is though. It could have made one of the most memorable bosses ever. Instead, from what I've seen, it is remembered for being easy (so are the other TP bosses...), and having an amazing design. Like I said before, the design is just super awesome. A dragon with an armor, a snake like tongue, a ''gem'' or something like that. Never truly knew what it was, but hey, it's the obvious weak spot! It's intense overall and I wish the battle would have lasted longer!

13. Twilit Ice Mass: Blizzeta (Twilight Princess)

I can't say if this is a popular choice or not, but personally, this is an absolutely great boss. As a young kid, or pre-teen, this boss not only freaked me out, but also gave me some of my best Zelda memories. Going to that snowy mountain at first is in itself, an awesome trip. It's done in a unique way, once you arrive to the mansion, you can only wonder, how did darkness even reach such a far away place? The dungeon is the mansion, so like, there isn't really anything unusual, other than some ice creatures. Some of which are cute... anyways. It's also in Snowpeak Ruins that we get the Ball & Chain weapon... I always wondered how Link does to carry that massive and heavy ball. With that in Link's inventory, destroying ice and etc gets really fun. That's one of the cool parts of the boss.

Once in the boss room, there isn't much, other than that kind Yeti who is about to give the mirror shard until... Yep, she gets possessed and transforms into basically, an Ice Mass. At first, it literally is just an ice mass, which will try to hurt you, crush you and stuff. All of that while you have to hit it with the newly acquired Ball & Chain, and run on ice. At least Link doesn't seem to trip like Toon Link in Wind Waker, would have been cool though. It is massive fun. The second phase is a little more challenging. You will have to avoid some ice rocks, to keep it simple. Destroy some, to leave an opening once Blizzeta tries to crush you as those will protect Blizzeta if you don't destroy some.

To be honest, this boss is (ice) massive fun. Plus on top of that, the soundtrack is just totally epic. I know it made me want to replay the boss. Like, sometimes I would restart the whole game just to play through this boss again. I also usually have trouble liking ice and water levels, but this boss makes me love Snowpeak Ruins. It's mysterious, calm and beautiful. Just amazing.
I'll leave the soundtrack which might one of my favorite bosses.
Too bad the battle is sometimes not long enough to enjoy the entire music.

12. Subterranean Lava Dragon: Volvagia

For some fans, this might be one of the coolest boss ever and we can only understand why! Volvagia is indeed an amazing dragon, or in this case a lava dragon. Ocarina of Time had a bunch of great bosses and when you think of great bosses in OoT, Volvagia is definitely one of the first to come to mind. On my first encounter against this creature, I really didn't know what to expect, but lord, I was not disappointed. Heck, it's a frigging flying fire serpent with no wings! It uses a variety of attacks including Flamethrower and Rock Tomb... but this is not Pokemon. The fight is pretty unique. Volvagia will come out of one of the nine lava pits, once it sneaks its head out, just smash it with a hammer. I know, another smash with a hammer type of battle, but these are done so wonderfully. Also, Volvagia is intimidating and we can't really deny that this boss gives a great battle.

So with that said, mister firey dragon is one of the most memorable bosses in the history of Zelda. It also came back, kinda, in Hyrule Warriors. This new character inspired by Volvagia is just great too. Volvagia will forever be remembered.

11. Phantom Shadow Beast: Bongo Bongo (Ocarina of Time)

On number 11 comes Bongo Bongo. In my honest opinion, this is one of the better Ocarina of Time bosses, and that keeping in mind that most bosses in this game are actually cool and fun. The temple is one of the creepiest in the series, it's full of surprises and once you reach the boss, you are definitely not disappointed. Bongo Bongo is one strange, awkward, weird and unique boss. Its design is really awesome and out of the ordinary. I know for one, I would have never thought of this design with bongos and such in a long time. I know it does take some ideas from the past, like the two separated hands attacking and such (anyone remember those hands in Super Mario 64?). With that said, how it's implemented here is great.

Bongo Bongo is a strange creature that might give some nightmares, nah not really, but still. Its human body like features mixed up with some creature weird looking physical appearance is just great. Not that I didn't really mention that already. It's fascinating. Then comes its eye, shaped like some flower, it makes an obvious weak spot. Though, in order to see its full body you need the Lens of Truth. The rest of the battle can be either hard or easy, depending on how great you are at this game. I know I sucked at first.

Also, the backstory of this boss is truly interesting.