Top 10 Worst Mario Party Minigames

I've played a good amount of the Mario Party games(Only haven't played 6, 9, and 10) so I think I'm going to make a top 10 of the worst minigames in the entire spinoff series. Enjoy.

Pedal Power, Mario Party 1.

Do I really need to explain this one? Pedal Power is one of those joystick rotating minigames. It's hell on your hand of course, and it requires much more spins than you usually think, which is why most people fail at this game. My hand was bruised for over two weeks because of this one. Thanks a lot.

Stacked Deck, Mario Party 3.

Stacked Deck is a luck based minigame. Not only that, it's a battle minigame. You're always very stressed when you're up to choose a card. This is the only minigame where I'm actually glad to be in last place, and when you have that, there's something definitely wrong with your minigame.

Platform Peril, Mario Party 1 & 2.

I don't like this one. You have to be very precise with your jumps, and if you aren't, you fall. I always immediately lost this one when I was younger. I know a lot of other people had have difficulties with this one, because of streams & Let's Plays. Avoid this one.

Take a Breather, Mario Party 4.

Take a Breather is a minigame where you have to mash L and R alternatively to stay underwater the longest. I'm sorry, but when I have to destroy my L and R buttons just to beat a Normal Computer/AI, it's just inexcusable. How am I supposed to play Super Mario Sunshine now?

Cheep Cheep Sweep, Mario Party 4.

Still at 4, our next minigame on the list is Cheep Cheep Sweep. This is one of the most difficult minigames I've ever played, and that's because the Cheep Cheep AI is too smart. I usually never win this, and I just end up blocking the Computers/AI's to stop them from putting more Cheep Cheep's in their cage. When the player has to resort to that, I think you might need to dummy down the Cheep Cheep AI a bit.

Granite Getaway, Mario Party 6.

I know I said I have never played 6 before, but I've seen some of them on a twitch stream, so here's one of them. Seriously, you can just beat this minigame with absolutely no effort at all. Hold down and occasionally jump to avoid an obstacle. Worst Indiana Jones clone ever.

Move to the Music, Mario Party 2.

I don't know about the rest of you, but when I was younger, this was basically the hardest minigame ever. The timing of the button presses have to be so precise if you're with the three players and it's the total opposite for the one player. This is very unbalanced, someone fix it.

Cheep Cheep Chase, Mario Party 3.

Ugh, this one. Cheep Cheep Chase is a button mashing minigame, and if you couldn't tell from the image, you have to mash the button to get away from the big Cheep Cheep. This is one of the worst, because the game expects so much from you. In fact, when I played this minigame online, most of the time we all lost. Who thought this was a good idea? Not me.

Flip the Chimp, Mario Party 8.

I really tried to not include this one. But it has to be done. Flip the Chimp is a minigame where you control a mechanical monkey up a rope. You have to avoid falling coconuts on your way up. To avoid them, you have to swing the Wii Remote. You have to be very accurate with your swing, because otherwise you'll just get hit by the coconut and swing to the other side. The amount of coconuts that fall are ridiculous. Can you believe this was also made into a duel minigame? Yeah, me neither. This might be the worst minigame, but it was only surpassed by...

The Beat Goes On, Mario Party 3.

Now we've gotten to the s***. The Beat Goes On is a memory minigame, where you have to memorize the order of the button presses. When it's your turn, you have to repeat all the buttons that have been pressed, and add another one. This minigame takes forever, and it usually ends in a tie if you're playing with real people. You'd think the people that made it to the end would get a reward for doing so, but nope. Nothing. I'd really like to punch whoever thought of this one. This is without a doubt the worst minigame.

This is my list. Don't agree with it/have some better suggestions? Post below.
Here are some (dis)honorable mentions:

Flippin' Out, Mario Party Advance.

Random Ride, Mario Party 5.

Makin' Waves, Mario Party 4.

Color Me Fast, Mario Party: Island Tour.

Day at the Races, Mario Party 2.

Tug o' War, Mario Party 1.

Also, I commend Mario Party 7 for not having a single bad minigame. If you like Mario Party, 7 is a must play.