Top 10 Marvel Heroes

I was originally going to keep this when I was done with all my other top 5 lists. The idea was to keep this one for the last week before Ant-Man's release in theaters. Unfortunately, I got busy and could not do all the others. So, I'm still going to do the top 5 marvel heroes (more like 10 now) for this week. A day late, but that does not matter.

Due to the huge number of heroes in the Marvel Universe, I decided to enlarge the list just a little. I'll be naming my favorite 10 instead. For those going from 10 to 6, I'll just name them and make it short, basically. Once I reach the top 1, I might also name some special mentions.

So how about we start the list?

10. Human Torch

I think the powers are self-explanatory with the pic. Also, who doesn't know the Fantastic 4? Imo, the best team member of all 4.​

9. Black Panther

Enhanced senses and great physical abilities. From Wakanda, he prefers unarmed fights. He'll incorporate a lot of acrobatics and aspects of animal mimicry. Isn't that just awesome? Smart, great tactician, scientist, strategist and much more. He surely deserves to be here.​

7. Deadpool

Even though Deadpool is considered more of an antihero, he was too good to not be on this list. Afterall, he's mentally unstable, so I'll give him that. Having an accelerated healing factor, that is just great. Having humor, that is just great. He has many skills like I explained on the Marvel Top 5 Weapons topic and much more. You go Deadpool!

6. Spiderman

Everyone knows Spiderman and that's just so understandable. It's probably Marvel's best known hero to date. It's just natural for him to be on this list. As a kid, he was my favorite superhero and still today, he's one of my favorite. Starting as a young teenager, he has teenage problems we can all relate to at some point and some great responsabilities. Also, he's one of the more funny heroes in the universe.

This just leaves the top 5 now which will be way more complete!

5. Daredevil

Daredevil: The man without fear! To be really honest, if it wasn't for the Netflix series, he probably wouldn't be here. Though, watching one of the most amazing TV shows made me realize how amazing Daredevil actually is. Starting with the fact that he is probably the most amazing lawyer in any type of media. He's a genius and he's really smart. He's also one of the few heroes who has an handicap. To be exact, he's blind. He cannot see with his eyes, but he sure can see in other ways. The way he feels things is amazing. Being blind since a young age, he developed other skills such as knowing when someone is lying. That really comes in handy when doing his normal day work, the lawyer. At night, he's the vigilante. He is probably one of the best hand to hand combatant too. He doesn't have any powers per say, he's just a really skilled normal human being with developed talents due to his blindness. He's a martial art expert, trained by Sticks who also happens to be blind. He can also have a bit of a cold heart, but that's kinda due to all the things he has seen, due to his training and all of that. He's an intriguing guy. Being a normal human being just makes him way more relatable and just that cool.

Lawyer with super skills and expert in hand to hand combat, all that while being blind. How cooler can you get?

4. Jean Grey (Phoenix)

One of the most powerful hero in the entire universe of Marvel. Jean Grey can be really dangerous, so you want her on your good side. She is one of the founding members of Xavier's (Professor X) team of mutants, known as the X-Men. It's not until a certain age, later in her history, that she got the Phoenix power. Her basic powers consist of telepathy and telekinesis. Her powers first manifested during her childhood, at the age of 10. She has died many times. The first time she died, she was reborn as Phoenix. The powers as the Phoenix are extremely powerful and beyond. She can rearrange or disintegrate matter at a subatomic level, fly through space and survive in any atmosphere, manipulate electromagnetic and cosmic energies. She can even create stargates that will transport her anywhere instantaneously. The Phoenix power gives her a lot more power. Obviously, she can create fire, even in impossible situation such as in the water. These are called cosmic flames and they don't need oxygen to burn. It manifests in many forms and Jean has total control over these flames, flames that burn so intense that matter is consumed without any by-products. Like said before, Jean Grey has died many, many times and thanks to the power the Phoenix gives her, she has resurrected many, many times. Though, resurrection only happens as the Phoenix. When it comes to the relationship between her and Phoenix, it's a little more complicate, but no matter what, she is one of the most important characters in the X-Men series. All of this makes Jean Grey one of the most badass female characters and totally deserving to be here.

3. Nova

Nova (Richard Rider) may seem like an ordinary character at first glance, but what truly makes him great is his character development. From how he became Nova to the legacy he left! Some people believe he is in some way, a blend of Spiderman and DC's Green Lantern, which in some way, I have to agree. He's like, the police of the future and the good thing is, he actually has respect for justice. Now, before he became Nova, he was just a normal human being attending high school. He then became a member of the intergalactic police force known as the Nova Corps. For those who have seen Guardians Of The Galaxy, you might know exactly what I'm talking about. So, hopefully we can expect some Nova in the next GOTG movie. Joining the Nova Corps gave him superhuman abilities which include enhanced strength, fight, speed and resistance to injury (this is the part I wish I had irl). Now, he has more than that too. Thanks to the Nova Force, he has the ability to absorb energy directed against him and release it as gravimetric pulses and beams. Isn't that now just amazing? Those beams can come from either a specific part of his body or his entire body. His costume also has its own great stuff. It is firstly designed to accommodate his powers. It can resist unusual conditions too. The helmet is also really rigid, but can become malleable, allowing Rider to hide it when he wants to. The costume also gives him a handful of wonderful gadgets.

Over the years, Rider has turned into one of the most mature guys. Amazing powers, fighting for good causes, really nice costume and design. What is there to not like?

2. Carol Danvers

You might know her as Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel. There are many incarnations of this characters, but the one that truly stands out is Carol Danvers. Earlier in her history, she is Ms. Marvel and as her story develops, she becomes Captain Marvel. Each one of the stages brings her something new and different. As Ms. Marvel, she acquires superhuman powers due to a fusion between human genes and alien Kree. The superhuman abilities include; super strength, endurance, stamina, flight, physical durability, a limited precognitive sixth sense and human/kree physiology that gave her resistance to most toxins and poisons. At some point, she also had full control on stellar energies. She could control electromagnetic spectrum and gravity, light speed travel and the ability to survive in the vacuum of space. Those last mentioned powers are still possible, but at a smaller scale. She can discharge explosive blasts of radiant energy. All of that is complimented with ability to absorb other forms of energy, such as electricity. With that, she can magnify her strength and energy projection to the point of an exploding nuclear weapon. With all those powers, she also makes a great espionage agent, pilot and hand-to-hand combatant. Also have to mention that in her first appearance, she was part of the United States Air Force, which might explain the great talent in piloting.

With all that said, what makes Carol Danvers such a great hero isn't exactly the superpowers she was granted, but her as a character. She fights for identity, she is looking for it. Her quest for raised consciousness, for self-liberation and identity. She is a really strong woman, that goes both ways. She might just be what a lot of woman need in today's society, a role model. This is starting to sound like a feminist post, but truly, giving more power to women ain't a bad thing and it is truly needed.

Honorable Mentions
Basically, before I go onto the #1 Marvel Hero, I want to name some superheroes who I believe deserve to be mentioned. Coming up with the top 10 wasn't an easy job when there are so many great heroes, so I had to cut somewhere. I'll name some of these which would basically rank from 20 to 11 in no particular order. Let's not waste anymore space and head right into 10 heroes who did not make the cut.

Dr. Strange: Master of magic and amazing character overall.
Storm: One of the most badass mutants imo.
Ant-man: Power to shrink, funny character played by charismatic actor Paul Rudd.
She Hulk: Heck yeah!
Cyclops: There is something about this guy that is just great.
Iron Man: Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philantropist.
Iron Fist: Amazing martial art expert!
Black Widow: A super agent, and sexy you know...
Star Lord: Super duper space pirate! Kinda, not really, maybe.
Black Bolt: Something about this guy is just so intriguing.

Clicking on the character's name will redirect you to a pic of their appearance. They are just so great.

Now this truly only leaves whoever is on the number one spot.

1. Captain America

Since the day I truly got into the superhero world, Captain America has been one of my top ones. Spiderman was first, but when I discovered the great Captain, it all changed. With that said, Captain America comes on top of my list and if you think about it, this was kinda expected. I mean, his shield was featured on the top 5 Marvel weapons, while The Winter Soldier movie was on top of my top 5 Marvel movies.

Now, since the start, Steve Rogers has always wanted to serve his country. Being out of shape and basically just extremely unhealthy, getting into the army was just nearly impossible. Though, even with that in mind, he kept trying and never gave up. Unlike many other heroes, he was not born with super powers or enhanced abilities. After being ''chosen'' literally, he got a Super-Soldier Serum and Vita-Ray treatment. Through that, he got his strength, endurance, agility, speed, reflexes, durability and healing all enhanced. His body replenishes the super-soldier serum regularly. After the treatment, he finally became the one we know as Captain America. He carries a shield as his weapon of choice (for more info on the shield, just go to my top 5 Marvel Weapons). To become what he is now wasn't exactly easy, as he is one of those characters who had to go through a lot of suffering. Even if Steve was chosen for the treatment, his enhanced abilities aren't for him the most important thing and are used in fact to really make justice reign. Before the treatment, Steve already fought for what he truly believes in. Even if he had no power, he just fought, cared and loved. He did not fight in the army, but he did battle against those who hurt. He would get beaten, but that was not important, he was always ready to fight. Once he got his powers, the impossible was now possible. What always and will always truly matter for Steve Rogers is fighting for what is right, whether it is impossible or not.

Captain America is in my opinion one of the best role models in comic book history. He is one of the most down to earth characters. He doesn't care if a fight is hard, he will do it if it's for a good cause. He won't give up easily and will go to the end. He is one of the most courageous heroes and he will even sacrifice himself if he has to. Thanks to the serum, he became a super soldier, but most importantly, he got into the army and served his country for the right causes which was what he originally wanted. His friends are extremely important to him. He'll protect them and fight for them.

A great hand-to-hand combatant. An expert tactician and field commander. He's the leader everyone needs on their team. Someone with morals, someone who loves and someone who will fight for true justice. Captain America is the top of the top in my opinion. With that said, I really can't wait for the Civil War movie coming next year.

This ends the top 10 Marvel Heroes. For those who read it, thank you very much. I don't think I'll do another countdown anytime soon, at least not related to the Marvel comics and etc. I have plans, but I'll see how I feel.