Tomb Raider Diary

Recently, I have been playing a lot of Tomb Raider games, and since I got a laptop I am installing them so I can play them. I pretty much am at the beginning or near it so I thought I would keep a diary, basically I will list what levels I have completed and if I enjoy them or not

Tomb Raider 3: Adventures of Lara Croft  

India Levels
Temple Ruins
The River Ganges
Caves of Kaliya

Nevada Levels
High Security Compound
Area 51

London Levels
Thames Wharf
Lud's Gate

South Pacific Levels
Coastal Village
Crash Site
Madubu Gorge
Temple Of Puna

Antarctica Levels
RX-Tech Mines
Lost City Of Tinnos
Meteorite Cavern

Bonus Levels
All Hallows (London Level)
- I am playing the PS1 version
- I am NOT using any cheats
- I will be playing the three selectable levels like this Nevada > London > South Pacific Islands (So how I listed them above)
= I have finished the game

Tomb Raider: Lost Artifact

Highland Fling
Willard's Lair
Shakespeare Cliff
Sleeping With The Fishes
It's A Madhouse!

- I am playing the PC version
- I am NOT using any cheats
- I have completed this game before

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (TR4)

Cambodian Training Levels
Angkor Wat
Race for the Iris

Valley Of The King Levels
The Tomb of Seth
Burial Chambers
Valley Of The Kings

Karnak Levels
Temple of Karnak
Great Hypostyle Hall
Sacred Lake
Tomb of Semerkhet
Guardian of Semerkhet
Desert Railroad

Alexandria Levels
City Of The Dead
Chambers Of Tulun
Citadel Gate
Street Bazaar

Giza Levels
Sphinx Complex
Underneath The Sphinx
Menkaure's Pyramid
Inside Menkaure's Pyramid
The Mastabas  
The Great Pyramid
Khufu's Queen's Pyramid
Inside The Great Pyramid
Temple Of Horus

Bonus Level
The Times Exclusive (Going to have to download it)

- I am playing the PC version
- I am NOT using cheats
- I have played this game before but since it has 36 levels I have no idea what I got up to

Tomb Raider: Chronicles (TR5)

Rome Levels
Streets Of Rome
Trajan's Market
The Colosseum

Russian Levels
The Base
The Submarine
Deepsea Dive
Sinking Sub

Ireland Levels
Gallows Tree
Old Mill

VCI Headquarters Levels
13th Floor
Escape With The Iris
Red Alert!

- I am playing the PC version
- I am NOT using cheats
- I have now finished the game

Tomb Raider: Angel of Bitchiness Darkness

Paris Levels

Parisian Back Streets
Derelict Apartment Block
Industrial Rooftops
Margot Carvier's Apartment
Parisian Ghetto
The Serpent Rouge
St. Aicard's Graveyard
Bouchard's Hideout
Louvre Storm Drains
Louvre Galleries

Archaeological Dig
Tomb of the Ancient
The Hall of Seasons
The Breath of Hades
Neptune's Hall
Sanctuary of the Flame
Wrath of the Beast
Galleries Under Siege
Von Croy's Apartment

Prague Levels
The Monstrum Crime Scene
The Strahov Fortress
Bio-Research Facility
The Sanitarium (play as Kurtis)
Maxiumum Containment Area (play as Kurtis)
Aquatic Research Area
The Vault of Trophies
Boaz Returns (play as Kurtis)
The Lost Domain
Eckhardt's Lab

I will usually update this when I complete a level, so if you are interested check back here!
Tomb Raider 3: Adventures Of Lara Croft

Level 1: Jungle

Time Taken - 00:23:37
Secrets Found - 3 of 6
Kills - 13
Ammo Used - 563
Hits - 283
Health Packs Used - 0.0 (0.5 is added for every Small Medipak used and 1.0 is added for every Large Medipak used)
Distance Travelled - 2.75km

I think I did pretty good for this level, I can't believed I didn't need to use a Medipak though. Temple Ruins will probably take me like 2 hours >.>

Level 2: Temple Ruins

If you look close enough you actually can see me taking the picture :p

Time Take - 01:05:02
Secrets Found - 4 of 4
Kills - 21
Ammo Used - 1748
Hits - 1610
Health Packs Used - 3.5
Distance Travelled - 5.25km

I turn the brightness up on my tv and I can see everything now :p The game still had it's dark areas but besides that I could see where Lara was going. I also no longer hate Temple Ruins, it is pretty cool now.

Level 3: The River Ganges

Time Taken - 00:25:52
Secrets Found - 5 of 5
Kills - 12
Ammo Used - 242
Hits - 191
Health Packs Used - 0.0
Distance Travelled - 2.66km

Level 4: Caves Of Kaliya

Time Taken - 00:05:32
Secrets Found - 0 of 0
Kills - 1
Ammo Used - 66
Hits - 49
Health Packs Used - 0.0
Distance Travelled - 585m

Level 5: Nevada Desert

Time Taken - 00:32:13
Secrets Found - 3 of 3
Kills - 25
Ammo Used - 338
Hits - 271
Health Packs Used - 0.0
Distance Travelled - 3.82km

There has only been 1 level so far where I had to use a Medipak.

Level 6: High Security Compound

Time Taken - 00:40:59
Secrets Found - 2 of 2
Kills - 12
Ammo Used - 431
Hits - 357
Health Packs Used - 3.0
Distance Travelled - 4.64km

Using no Medipaks on this level is pretty much impossible on the PSX version.

Level 7: Area 51

Time Taken - 00:46:02
Secrets Found - 3 of 3
Kills - 23
Ammo Used - 794
Hits - 729
Health Packs Used - 4.0
Distance Travelled - 4.14km

Story So Far: After dodging rattlesnakes in the Desert, Lara was quickly imprisoned in a Security Compound for killing millions of innocent people and breaking entering. She quickly escapes with the help of some big tough men, lucky for her, they don't seem to like her that way. After escaping she quickly becomes the FBI'S Most Wanted and she catches a ride to Area 51. Here, she kills more men and release more prisoners. She launches a rocket, starting World War III and then takes a minute to swim with the cast of Free Willy. Lara sneaks into a UFO where she finds Element 115, she uses the UFO to fly to London and uses Element 115's power to change her outfit from a Desert Camouflage to a Cat suit. The UFO runs out of fuel and she soon crashes into a building leaving her on the rooftops of London...

Level 8: Thames Wharf

Time Taken - 00:52:38
Secrets Found - 5 of 5
Kills - 25
Ammo Used - 660
Hits - 577
Health Packs Used - 1.0
Distance Travelled - 4.03km

This level took me forever to complete, I can easily say I died like +20 times because of all the mistakes I did. Killing the robot was really annoying too. Next level is Aldwych, so that is going to be a nightmare to complete.

Level 9: Aldwych

Time Taken - 01:11:59
Secrets Found - 5 of 5
Kills - 28
Ammo Used - 606
Hits - 541
Health Packs Used - 1.0
Distance Travelled - 6.23km

This is the first time I have ever completed this level and it was pretty good. Though I remember being a lot harder but it wasn't.

Level 10: Lud's Gate

Time Taken - 01:15:42
Secrets Found - 5 of 6
Kills - 13
Ammo Used - 427
Hits - 359
Health Packs Used - 3.5
Distance Travelled - 6.06km

I missed the last Secret because I could not be bothered getting it, this level really is a fucking nightmare I easily died like +50 times and I was really tempted to level skip it.

Level 11: City

Time Taken - 00:07:06
Secrets Found - 1 of 1
Kills - 0 (Sophia Leigh doesn't count because you don't kill her with your guns)
Ammo Used - 18
Hits - 0
Health Packs Used - 0.5
Distance Travelled - 544m

Story So Far: After crashing the UFO in the rooftops of London, Lara quickly looks around on where to go next, she spots a church and see two ways, the super easy way or the hard way which will probably kill her, lacking common sense, Lara picks the hard way. After almost getting shot in the head by guards, killed by a guard and getting pecked to death by crows Lara finally arrives at the Church's roof. Here she is nearly killed by an assassin, but she shoots him in the arm and demands answers, he reveals he is working for a Slut a.k.a Miss Sophia Leigh. He tries to shoot Lara but she knees him in the balls and then sends him flying through the air. Lara drops through the hole in the church and lands in the church we now know as All Hallows, here she becomes a born again Christian and she vows never to hurt anyone again or steal anything, she leaves her mission and returns to her mansion. A few days later Lara was relaxing in the bath and she caught her butler, Winston perving on her, she shot him in the head. Realizing, that she just sinned, she leaves her new faith and go backs to the church. Lara drops through a hole in the church and ends up in an abandoned tube station known as Aldwych. Here she explores the place and decides to go on the still working train (somehow) and goes on a trip around London. A few days later she arrives back at Aldwych and discovers the lair of "The Damned". "The Damned" are a bunch of people who were tested on with make-up from Miss Sophia Leigh and the make-up also gave them immortality as when they tried to take their own life, it failed. The treatments also turned them into horrible monsters and instead of getting plastic surgery, they decide to live underground like all crazy people do. Lara befriends them and they will help Lara find Miss Sophia Leigh if they return some potion to them from the Natural History Museum. Lara brakes into the museum and gets the potion. Lara finally arrives at Sophia's office. She requests Lara to help her write her new book "How To Get Big Boobs and Live Forever", but Lara declines because she is already rich enough. Sophia, who is now pissed off, claims that one of Lara's boobs are bigger then the other, this automatically pisses her off and Lara begins to shoot her. Sophia escapes and Lara gives chase, she zaps her and takes her Artifact "Eye Of Isis". Lara quickly strips into her white sports bra and short-shorts and then uses the power of the three artifacts to teleport herself to the South Pacific Islands.

Level 12: Coastal Village

Time Taken - 00:38:29
Secrets Found - 4 of 3 (There is a total of 4 Secrets but the Stats only has 3 meaning you can actually get a total of 60 out of 59 Secrets)
Kills - 23
Ammo Used - 729
Hits - 651
Health Packs Used - 2.0
Distance Travelled - 3.86km

Level 13: Crash Site

Time Taken - 00:40:10
Secrets Found - 2 of 3 (I forgot to grab the last one)
Kills - 81 (This is a bug, using the Big Rocket Gun causes the game to count more then double enemies killed)
Ammo Used - 983
Hits - 925
Health Packs Used - 2.5
Distance Travelled - 3.30km

Level 14: Madubu Gorge

Time Taken - 00:41:59
Secrets Found - 3 of 3
Kills - 13
Ammo Used - 402
Hits - 342
Health Packs Used - 5.0
Distance Travelled - 3.82km

Level 15: Temple Of Puna

Time Taken - 00:08:31
Secrets Found - 1 of 1
Kills - 9
Ammo Used - 269
Hits - 250
Health Packs Used - 1.5
Distance Travelled - 923m

Story So Far: Lara, who is now in the South Pacific Islands takes a quick swim, she later swims to the shore. Lara goes through some villages, killing plenty of tribesman on the way. She later arrives in a treehouse and finds an injured Australian Solider who has a missing leg. Lara comforts him and he tells her that apparently a tribesman started eating his leg, Lara doesn't believe him and she asks him for the real answer. He doesn't tell her but he does say that some of his surviving soldiers are on the other side of the swamp. Lara leaves him to die and she crosses the swamp by jumping on some lily pad things. She finds the wreckage of the plane and sees two soldiers shooting a raptor instead of leaving it because it along with some others, are the world's only surviving pack of dinosaurs. Lara then looks at the men and sees they have the same gun as her, a MP5 Submachine Gun. She shoots the men, steals their ammo and then takes care of the raptors. Lara explores the area, she takes care of more raptors, soldiers and even a T-Rex. Now with two keys in her magical backpack, Lara goes inside the plane and uses the keys to open an area and let out a Big Rocket Gun. She explodes the wall and then enters it. She is now inside the temple and discovers a wall with carvings on it about the Artifacts she is searching for, a tribesman magically appears in the corner and tells Lara he would eat her but he is fasting. Lara reminds him that she hasn't eaten for weeks and she too is hungry for food. They start to gossip about their favourite celebrities and then Lara leaves the temple. She finds a Kayak and notice some white-rapids that have spikes and other hazards in them. Lara comes up with the brilliant idea to ride the Kayak down the rapids. She nearly kills herself and then finds the entrance to the Temple Of Puna. Here, she doges some more traps and then find Puna, who has the Ora Dagger. She kills him and takes his artifact, now with all four artifacts in her possession, Lara heads back to her mansion and prepares a trip to Antarctica to meet up with Dr. Willard...

Level 16: Antarctica

Time Taken - 00:39:52
Secrets Found - 3 of 3
Kills - 28
Ammo Used - 546
Hits - 497
Health Packs Used - 4.0
Distance Travelled - 3.96km

I don't really like this level, it is pretty boring.

Level 17: RX-Tech Mines

Time Taken - 00:43:41
Secrets Found - 3 of 3
Kills - 24
Ammo Used - 26
Hits - 36
Health Packs Used - 5.5 (I was a bit careless in the under water section)
Distance Travelled - 3.09km

Best level ever and I only used The Grenade and Rocket Launcher.

Level 18: Lost City Of Tinnos

Time Taken - 01:06:27
Secrets Found - 2 of 3 (I couldn't be bothered trying to get the last one)
Kills - 69
Ammo Used - 799
Hits - 676
Health Packs Used - 5.5
Distance Travelled - 4.09km

This level is really cool, I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous one but I did like this one.

Level 19: Meteorite Cavern
For some reason, you never get to see the stats screen for this level but I am certain of a few things.
Secrets Found - 0 of 0
Kills - 7
Health Packs Used - 0.0

Final Stats

Time Taken - 12:12:33
Secrets Found - 54 of 59 (It should really be 60)
Kills - 431
Ammo Used - 9729
Hits - 8425
Health Packs Used - 42.5
Distance Travelled - 66.01km

Story So Far: Lara packs her bags and heads over to Antarctica to meet up with Willard, she goes on a helicopter and looks out the window and sees lovely snow. Unfortunately, the pilot must of had a death wish because he lands on thin ice and it breaks underneath the weight, Lara escapes but the pilot wasn't so lucky. She explores around for a bit and she finds a ship, she climbs aboard, murders the crew and steals a jet raft. Lara drives around for a bit and then she discovers Willard's cabin. Lara pops in and she seems him eating some soup, here Lara finds out that Willard actually wanted the artifacts to himself so he could do something evil. He throws a table at Lara, kicks her in the face and then grabs the artifacts and run. Lara gives chase and she follows him to a elevator that leads underground. Instead of going back to the cabin for supplies Lara jumps on top of the elevator, seriously does this women ever eat? Does she ever need to go to the toilet? Does she ever get her period? Anyway, Lara runs around in circles and then finds a crawlspace and she crawls through it. Here she enters and sees a giant area, filled with snow, mine carts and locked doors. Lara looks around and actually discovers she is in "Disney Land: Antarctica" the happiest place on Earth! Well, not anymore because most of the workers have mutated into half-breeds and the survivors are carrying flame-throwers every where. Lara kills her first half-breed and then adds it to the list of "Things I've Killed". She jumps into the mine cart and goes for a ride, she hits switches with wrenches and shoots more half-breeds. After reaching the end of the rides, one of the flame-thrower guys approaches Lara and reminds her she still needs to pay. She bitches out, shoots him in the face and runs to a door. Lucky for her, she fins herself in the Lost City Of Tinnos. Lara encounters some big, mean nasty mutants and some wasps that have magically survived in the cold conditions. Lara soon finds herself in a room with four smaller rooms, each contain a Oceania artifact, she must use these things along with a key to get rid of a force field which stops her from leaving. Lara finds all the items and enters the force field and she enters an area with a huge Meteorite. She sees Willard jump into some magic goo and then he jumps out as a huge ass spider. Before the final conflict, Lara questions Willard what he was going to do as a giant ass spider, he thinks and realizes what an idiot he is. Lara kills him, takes the artifact and escapes the cavern. Lara fins some flame-thrower guys who are still waiting for their money and this time they will shoot her. Lara kills them and jumps into a helicopter, kills the pilot and takes off. She shoots a helicopter and when flying away she sees some paper in the dead pilot's hand, she grabs checks it and realizes there is one more artifact, The Hand Of Rathmore...

To Be Continued...

Level 20: All Hallows

Time Taken - 00:24:12
Secrets Found - 0 of 0 (Why can't it just say "0 of 0" instead of "None")
Kills - 2
Ammo Used - 4
Hits - 3
Health Packs Used - 3.0
Distance Travelled - 2.70km

I finally got around to downloading a savegame and well, this is really disappointing. The level is incredibly easy and short, it only has two enemies which is stupid as well.

Tomb Raider (1)

First Three levels aren't shown because I didn't take pictures of them :p

Level 4: Tomb Of Qualopec

Kills - 8
Pickups - 8
Secrets Found - 3 of 3
Time Taken - 11:19

Level 5: St. Francis' Folly

Kills - 23
Pickups - 17
Secrets Found - 3 of 4 (The second one is hard, you only get one chance and since I am playing the PSX version, I can only use Save Crystals to save. It would of been nice if the developers put a crystal before sliding down)
Time Taken - 26:54

Most Tomb Raider fans say this is one of the best levels in the whole franchise but for me, it was alright. It was rather quick...

Level 6: Colosseum

Kills - 26
Pickups - 12
Secrets - 3 of 3
Time Taken - 33:52

The developers should of checked the differences between the Roman and Greek Gods before they just placed stuff into the Greece levels.

I moderately enjoyed this level, though the Save Crystal placement is really random.

Level 7: Palace Midas  

Kills - 43 (Apes, Lions and Crocodiles oh my!)
Pickups - 23 (Including the "Unreachable Medi-pak")
Secrets - 3 of 3
Time Taken - 47:20

Now this level here is just purely amazing, all of it was a blast to play.

Level 8: The Cistern

Kills - 34
Pickups - 28
Secrets - 3 of 3
Time Taken - 36:15

This level is amazing as well, not as good as Palace Midas but still very enjoyable.

Level 9: Tomb of Tihocan

Kills - 18 (Or 16, can't tell :p)
Pickups - 31
Secrets Found - 2 of 2
Time Taken - 28:37

It's sad, you just played two amazing levels and then you get this pile of crap. It had the same environment from the last level so you just felt like you were playing parts from that level and the Centaur fight was disappointing too. It just was, Draw pistols, get a lock on them and then jump left to right until they explode.

Level 10: City of Khamoon

Kills - 15 (For some dumb reason the PS1 players get to fight another Mummy)
Pickups - 24
Secrets Found - 3 of 3
Time Taken - 26:37

This level was pretty boring, too.

Level 11: Obelisk Of Khamoon

Kills - 13
Pickups - 38
Secrets - 3 of 3
Time Taken - 36:43

This level was pretty good, much better then the previous one.

Level 12: Sanctuary Of The Scion

Kills - 15
Pickups - 28
Secrets - 1 of 1
Time Taken - 35:41

This level is epic.

Level 13: Natla's Mines

Kills - 3
Pickups - 30
Secrets - 3 of 3
Time Taken - 48:07

This level is really boring, Also, why the hell is there a skate-park in a mine area?

Level 14: Atlantis

Kills - 29
Pickups - 50
Secrets 3 of 3
Time Taken - 36:48

Eh, this one was alright.

Level 15: The Great Pyramid

Kills - 6
Pickups - 31
Secrets - 2 of 3 (I got that fucking bug in which the last secret doesn't register, I really got 3 out of 3)
Time Taken - 20:54

Eh, this one was alright.

Tomb Raider 2

Level 1: The Great Wall


This is the first time I actually completed the level without using a Health Pack and picking up all 3 Secrets :p

Level 2: Venice


Level 3: Bartoli's Hideout


I'm not too fond of this level, they could of made it a lot better but it just seemed to be used for shooting enemies.

Level 4: Opera House


Now this level is probably the best out of the all Venice levels, it s just heaps of fun.

Level 5: Offshore Rig


I love this level and the next one, I really wish they had more of the Oil-Rig levels but oh well.

Level 6: Diving Area


This is easily one of my favourite levels in TR2.

Level 7: 40 Fathoms


This level is pretty dull and boring, the start is great, swimming in the middle of the ocean and avoiding the sharks trying to find the Mario Doria. But as soon as you enter it, the level just becomes really boring.