Toadsworth as the Host

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Well Toadsworth was playable in both "Mario Superstar Baseball" & "Mario Super Sluggers" but that's the only games he's been playable in, and he could also be a good Kart Racer for Mario Kart U.

Yes Toadsworth was indeed a smashing host for MP7” and now he's relaxing on delphino with a cup of tea & sum Crumpits. xD

Toadsworth does make a good Mario Party host but I think he should only be playable as the roster actually grows. For now, Toadette should be the only Toad playable. Next to Toad himself, of course. Although I think Toadsworth would be a good candidate for racing in Mario Kart Wii U. I wanna hear him say ''Blasphemy!'' every time he gets knocked off the stage!
Yoshiman222 said:
LuigiFan said:
Well I think Toadsworth was the first Toad of all the time, ¿isn´t it?...So  here now is the guest of all i guess
Toads were in since Super Mario Bros.
Toadsworth came in during Super Mario Sunshine.

How Toadsworth was first is beyond me.
WEll  I think you forgot that he didn´t appear on Mario Party 1,2 and neigher 3, and well, either on first Mario old games, but well...Is ok, dont worry
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