"Through the Air" by Life Between Sleep [SONG REVIEW]



Artist: Life Between Sleep
Song: Through the Air
Album: Storms - EP
Length: 3:08
Genre: Rock/Indie/Ambient


So, from what I can gather, Life Between Sleep describes themselves as an indie rock quintet with elements of ambient music in their songs. Sounds like the type of music I'd listen to, and considering that they're an indie/ambient rock band on Long Island, I assume they're original compared to their contemporaries, right? Let's see if their song "Through the Air" is a godsend compared to that hardcore crap.

*a second after listening to the track*

This doesn't sound ambient...

*twenty seconds after listening to the track*

...and it doesn't sound indie either.

*after listening to the track*

...why call yourselves an ambient/indie rock band when you sound like every other melodic hardcore band that ever existed? Whenever I think of ambient/indie rock music, I think of shoegaze acts like My Bloody Valentine or Ride... or, hell, post-rock bands like Mogwai or Explosions in the Sky. Instead, this sounds like if Cartel tried to sound like a melodic hardcore band while having reverb effects in their guitar sounds in order to sound atmospheric.

The vocals don't help, either. In fact, you know that song that goes "it's not over" or something like that? That's what his vocals reminds me of.

As far as lyrical content goes, I'm not entirely impressed. While sounding like a break-up song (I think... either way, they still sound emo), halfway through, they use a shoreline and wind as metaphors, which reminds me of Owl City... and not in a good way. Despite the lackluster lyrical content, the structure itself is kind of interesting.

Do I recommend this song? I guess I should. If you have absolutely no idea what indie music sounds like and assume that this band really is indie, you like melodic hardcore/mainstream rock, or both, then go listen to this song. I'm going to listen to some real indie/ambient rock music.

Score: 4/10 (below average)

I can't find a YouTube link to the song, or even a video of a live version of the song, so PM me if you want me to send you the track via e-mail.