The Stalk Market

Have you ever bought a butt-load if turnips from Joan or even tried this aspect of the game? If so have you win big or lost a lot? If you haven't tried it why not?! We can also share daily turnip prices here for those that would like to get the best possible deal.

I've only tried it once and I lost 45 bells on each turnip... I bought 500 and it was Saturaay night before they spoil. I currently have 3000 turnips that cost about 300,000 so I'm looking to make a giant profit.
cookieboy17 said:
I hate how she only comes during the morning, i always forget. there's a reason why i have the night owl ordinance up, get with the times joan.
Oh my God, exactly. She only comes early morning, and some weeks I forgot. >__> She should at least stay past afternoon time.

I buy turnips every week I don't forget. :p It usually makes me a lot of bells, so why not? As long as you have friends who can check their turnip prices, you have nothing to worry about getting crappy turnip prices.
Snowy said:
Whimsicott said:
Snowy said:
It's "Stock Market" there buddy

Its supposed to be a pun....  like "Beanstalk"

Anyways Im at 111 today. Yoshiman came to sell today as well
b-but turnips don't grow on a beanstalk.
you should know by now that all Animal Crossing humor is straight up Dad jokes. Of course it's going to be technically wrong. Never doubt the Stalk Market.