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Welcome to the Mario Party Legacy Forum! Over the years we've had a variety of different rules, and we've settled on a list that we think is simple and effective. Generally, we are quite laid-back, more than we have been in the past. Don't fight or post inappropriate content, and we'll be good. If anyone is problematic, we're not going to make it an entire ordeal. Ban and move on. We're too old for all that.

Quick Rules​

  1. Keep things civil. Don't attack people or their character, leave the name calling and toxic behavior out please.
  2. No adult or 18+ content. This is a Mario Party message board.
  3. No links or downloads to ROMs or any illegally obtained files.
  4. No spamming. Don't post pump, avoid double posting, and limit one or two worded posts.
  5. Stay on-topic. Advertise in the correct channels.
  6. Do not create alternate accounts. You have one and you gotta stick to it.
Anything else is common sense. We reserve the right to give anyone the boot, so stay cool and there won't be any problems. Below we go deeper into these rules, but as long as you understand the quick notes above, you should be good.

Spam, Post Pumping, and Double Posting​

Ah yes, spam and post pumping. You know it when you see it. Not every post has to be analyzed and measured for quality, but it's pretty obvious when someone's post is just not doing enough. That would mean hopping into a topic and posting things like:
  • I like this game.
  • I don't know.
  • No.
Don't have much to contribute? That's totally fine! No need to jump into that specific topic in that case. This all might come off as stingy, but we've definitely had our fair share of people try to boost their post count by trying to post everywhere. Make sure you are actually contributing to the discussion!

And no posting back to back in the same topic, a fairly easy rule to follow. Try to avoid a situation where only you and another member post alternately in a particular topic. It all depends on the context, but it'll be obvious if it's being done for reasons outside the discussion.

Adult Content/18+​

Shockingly, our Mario Party focused forum is family-friendly, so we have a strict policy when it comes to adult content. It's not allowed here. Any links, photos, or videos are prohibited. If anything is posted, we'll promptly delete it and show the poster to the door.

ROMs and Emulation​

You are not allowed to share links to ROMs or post the files yourself. Period. Leaving a link or file anywhere in the forum is an easy ban.

Chatting about emulation and the tools surrounding the modding world is fine.

Alternate Accounts​

You are only allowed to have one account. Creating a second account will get that additional account removed, and you'll most likely get a ban on your main account. We've seen our share of abuse through alternate accounts throughout the years, so this long-standing rule isn't going to change.

Advertising and Promotion​

Advertising is generally not allowed, but there are exceptions. If you have a website or a forum of your own you'd like to share, we have a topic for that (coming soon!). Got a neat project you're working on? There's a topic for that too (coming soon!), but you may be able to create a new topic depending on the content. Please feel free to reach out to a staff member if you need help figuring out where to post. Beyond that, we're going to keep the rest of the forum advertisement free. Advertising bots (who post advertising and/or have advertisement links in their profile) will be removed immediately.

Warnings and Bans​

Like it was mentioned before, we're old. We don't have the time anymore to play games with warnings and bans. If you want to be here, just follow the rules.

Generally, this is what you can expect when someone does something wrong:
  • Warning: You'll be directly told privately or publicly that the thing you did was no good.
  • Ban: If you clearly ignore the warning and do something again, we'll go with a one week ban.
  • Permanent Ban: You came back from your ban and still causing trouble? That's where we part ways. Your account will be suspended and you won't be allowed back.
Depending on the issue, you may receive more than one warning, or you'll jump straight to a ban. If you're clearly bad news right from the start, we might just toss you to the curb and save everyone the headache. Previous bans from before the migration will remain intact.

Got any questions? Feel free to reach out to myself or anyone else on staff. Please note, we may add or remove things to the rules at any point, but that shouldn't be an issue if you're here to enjoy the custom boards and chat some Mario Party.
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