The Magic Toad Bag

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The Magic Toad Bag

This is a video about all the Toad Merchandise I have. I have a lot, so I store them in little bags so I don't lose them (and also to save space).

Toadette 12"
Toadette 9" x2
Toadette 6" x2
Toad 12"
Toad 6"
Blue Toad 6"
Yellow Toad 6"
Green Toad 6"

4" Figurines
Toadette x3
Toad x3
Blue Toad
Yellow Toad
Green Toad
Purple Toad

Mini Figurines
Toadette "1
Toad "1

Toadette necklace charm

Mario Party 8 Toadette T-Shirt
I <3 Toad T-Shirt

I'm planning on collecting more, especially Toadette stuff (seeing how there's only 3 official stuff left, another Mini Figure, and 2 Keychains), perhaps even going to the limit of buying Mario Kart Wii collector's cards in hopes of finding the Toadette card (although I could print it, but that's cheating! :p)
My favorite item in the video is the 12-inch Toadette seen in the beginning of the video (The very first plush pulled out), I got her back in January last year. You can tell from her dirty color and raggedy-ness that she's very well loved. When I first got her, her back ripped open due to being over-stuffed, and I had to give her Stuffing Liposuction. Now I have to wash her manually though, she had gotten a nasty tear in her neck back in May after one of her strings got caught in the washing machine.

I stitched her back up, but I've been afraid to put her in the wash again in fear she might tear once more, and the next time I might not be able to repair her (the stitching in her neck is very hard to fix, because this is where her neck curves into her head, making it a tricky angle. Not to mention her braids get in the way). I could just buy another, but I love this one far too much. It's silly, but I'm sentimental over this cute little Toadette doll.

Overall, I think if you are a fan of Toads, you should definitely buy one of these cute dolls. Plushes of Toad, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad can be found at your local Target, and sometimes even Barnes & Noble. The Toadettes and other colors of Toad were bought overseas via Ebay and Amazon (this could explain why Toadette ripped so easily, she was probably cheaply made  ::)). They are soft to cuddle, fun to play with, and make a great gift to little Toad fans. Hell, I'm 14 and even I sometimes like to cuddle and play with my Toadettes, just like a little kid.