The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

it's probably very far from completion and they don't want to rush it. completely free roaming open world games are very hard to make, especially if they want each area to feel like it's unique and interesting.

i'd rather them create a great game out this concept as opposed to a just cause 2 where the world is big and varied on the greater scale but everything and everywhere feels the same when you're actually playing.
Game is delayed to 2017. It's also getting the Twilight Princess treatment. That's right, not only the Wii U, but also the NX! Zelda will also be the centerpiece for Nintendo at E3 2016. It will also be the ONLY game playable there.

We also got one new piece of artwork of Link!

Confirmed to be releasing in March 2017. Exact date in March 2017 unknown.


Since Nintendo release games on Fridays in North America and Europe, it is likely to be one of the five Fridays of March 2017. March 3, 10, 17, 24, or 31 of that year.

It will be really hilarious if it literally comes on Friday, March 31, 2017, which is the LAST day of the current fiscal year for Nintendo. Same for NX.
I'll continue to stick with my Wii U and finish its library (I don't get games every week or so, so don't expect me to finish it fast). A lot of people in a chat I'm think that since it's the centerpiece at E3 must mean it's automatically a masterpiece. I personally think that Nintendo's willing to lose E3 if it means more sales for the NX and its lineup once it releases.

On another note, the artwork looks very nice, it's enough to spark hope that Zelda U's gonna be one heck of a game.
I love the beauty of the environment because it separates the game from being another Dark Souls/Elder Scrolls cookie cutter.
I got to play the two demos they had at E3! :S

Game is really awesome and definitely different from any of the past games, and that is very refreshing. My first demo I set a field of dry grass on fire so that was pretty neat. I also got the Fire Rod! :D

Second demo is at the very start of the game. Instead of going to old man or to the temple, I turned around and went into the snowy area. Cooked some Hot Peppers together to make a meal that will let me withstand the cold, then I climbed the highest peak in the area. Used my shield to snowboard down to the icy lake below.

BUT! I do have to say that on the technical side of things, the game wasn't at its best. Several times the frame rate noticeably dipped and the graphics were blurry and not as sharp as they are in the trailer and the live streams. So if that's the case, NX is a must for this game.