The Dream World

Discuss here about one of the main new features of Dream Team, going into Luigi's dreams!

Personally, this is one of my favorite parts of the game and from what I've gotten through so far, it's extremely fun! My favorite part has to be interacting with Luigi in the Real World to change the Dream World but the Luiginaries, the dozens of Luigi clones, are really cool, too, as they are strange but neat puzzle solvers. Another neat thing is that all the people in Luigi's dreams compliment him like "Luigi is the greatest, yes indeed!" or something like that.

So, how do you feel about it?
The Dream World is epic. And it gets better. Luiginary Works I'm not super excited by except for Luiginary Constellation and its associated alternate modes; though the use of certain Luiginary Works (gravity, hot/hold) are pretty cool.

The battles in the dream world are also pretty darn nifty too, with powered up Mario and Luiginary Attacks that destroy enemies. :p

The floaty comments in Dream's Deep are touching and I wonder if Mario can see/hear Luigi's internal feelings...
I played more of the Dream World... I like saving the Pi'illo people actually! The interactions with Luigi are fun and the Luiginaries are fun to use. I haven't played much into it, and I've only just finished the first area... sort of. It's like... the beginning area of the first "world," Mushrise Park. Anyways... it's fun and all as of now. Some of the puzzles are frustratingly difficult to solve and the platforming can be a pain, but the battles and Luigination interactions are fun and the platforming doesn't bother me that much.