The Cook Update Topic

Until I get my laptop back I'll mainly cone to my blog to post so this is the best chance to find me. A few things:

Sushi you're probably gonna wanna replace me in MPI7, sorry didnt see this coming though
Boo I'll try to do MPFS10
I'll try to check on the Mafia game
I still have my phone if anyone wants to pass a text or call by
I might be on XBL more but i dont think i talk to anyone on it anyways (Forza will take my time)
I might go on AIM on my phone if the AIM app doesnt still suck

And lastly if you guys need an admin or staff member to come on for anything anyone with my number can just drop me a text and I can just get on my dad's computer.
Ok so if you didnt know I've been kinda sick for the past few days but I do feel better today which is good.

Anyways tomorrow I'm gonna be in Boston for the day looking for Jared (he lives around there right?) though I'll probably be on my phone at times since it'll be boring most likely. I'll be back during the night though.