The Boring Life of Polar! (September 2012)

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6th of September

I woke up and got ready for school. We had a Science Test and then I had Sport. I spent most of the lesson planning the "Scary Movie Night" with my friends and played a bit of Hockey. All of the other lessons were boring. I came home and watched some Happy Tree Friends and talked to my friend on Failbook.

7th of September (This one is late)

I woke up early and got ready for school. I went to school, most of the subjects were boring expect for Woodwork, I finished my wine holder and then began making my penis measure spaghetti measure. I came home from school to play some Super Smash Bros. Melee/Brawl and then did my homework. My friend came over and we played some Mario Kart Double Dash and some more Brawl. We later watched some Happy Tree Friends and then we went to bed. 
8th of September

My friend and I woke up, we went downstairs. He had some toast for breakfast and then we went outside to walk the dogs. We came home and played some Brawl and watched some more Happy Tree Friends. He left so I finished my homework and then packed to go to my Dad's house. I went over to his house and exercised for a bit and then played Sims on my computer. My other friend came over to stay the night. She had rented some anime so we watched that for a bit and then went on our laptops. We later fell asleep.
9th of September








I love you Flaky <3

I woke up and my friend had to leave really early. I exercised for a bit then watched some Lucky Star and Happy Tree Friends. I later did some more homework, today was a boring day.
10th of September

I woke up and left to go to school. School was actually pretty fun, we got to watch television in S&E. In woodwork I just worked on my project more. At recess I found out that one of my friends was finally at school (She was gone for 7 weeks) so that was great. Art and Health were okay and my Lunch time was just amazing. Maths was alright. I went home and did some homework and then I watched Happy Tree Friends.
11th of September

I woke up as usual and went to school as usual. English and Science were so boring. Indonesian was alright but I spoke to my friend for most of the lesson. Sport was fun, I played Hockey and we won one game and became a draw the next, when are team wasn't playing I planned more of the "Scary Movie Night" with my friends, oh I got hit in the cheek with a Hockey Ball which was probably the best part of my day. I had science again which was boring. I was walking home and then it rained on me. I got home and watched some Happy Tree Friends and then did some homework.
12th of September

I went to school and it was a Wednesday so I wasn't looking forward to it, school was boring so I'm not going to mention talk about my subjects. I got home and I HAVE NO F***ING HOMEWORK FOR ONCE, so I watched some Happy Tree Friends and Scary Movie 3, then I just relaxed for a bit.

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