Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

Story  5/10
As with other crossovers there isn't much of a story. The characters just fight and you see their arcade ending.

Controls 9/10
You can play with the Wiimote, Wiimote + nunchuck, GC Controller, or arcade pad. For the game the best are the GC controller and Arcade Pad since a fighter like this isn't much fun with only two buttons. :/

Graphics 7/10
Honestly the graphics for this game aren't to terribly good. Yea they are good and nice to look at, but allot of the times you can see the characters pixilated textures.

Music 10/10
The music for this game is fantastic! The main theme is something jazzy and fun. Roll's theme also comes back for this one after you beat arcade mode with her and it sounds great and in the same jazzy style that makes Capcom crossovers epic.

Gameplay 10/10
The combat is fast paced and fun. it plays similar to other crossovers like Marvel vs Capcom 2. Combos are rather easy to do and as are the hyper combos and special moves. All the characters are pretty balanced aside from the huge ass robots. Rather fun and addictive gameplay if your a fighter fan. :p

Replay Value 10/10

Once you get the swing of the game you will keep coming back to play it. There is also plenty to unlock ranging from artwork to characters, so you will keep coming back for more.

Characters 9/10


Ryu: He is the same old chump you remember and has a moveset rather close to his Marvel vs Capcom 3 one.
Chun-Li: The first lady of fighters is here in all her glory! She is just as swift and strong as ever.
Alex: Why would they include Alex in this and not SF4?
Morrigan Morrigan finnaly ditches her old overused sprite for a sleek pretty 3D model. She looks and plays great!
Batsu: Batsu is from a lesser known Capcom series so it's nice they don't forget the little guys. :p
MegaMan Volnutt: Now this was a surprise! He was a nice addition, but his moveeset is confusing and frustrating due to one button doing nothing but changing his weapons. :S
Roll: Who doesn't love beating the crap out of super heroes using a little girl? :p Roll actually got a moveset change for the better. Her old look and moveset is iconic, but she was Roll-Teir. Now she is a much more capable fighter.
Saki: Why does a girl from a trivia game need a huge assault riffle?
Soki: One of my favorite characters to use. Onimusha is awesome!
Veiwtiful Joe Honestly I never liked him and I never used him in this game. :p
PTX-40A: What's weird about his inclusion is that he is from Lost Planet. He kinda took people by surprise.
Frank West: Don't like him, if they wanted a zombie fighter they should have used Jill.
Zero: Honestly I hate him! Though in this game he is a rather fun and easy character to use.


Ken the Eagle: Leader of the Gatchaman team he rather easy to use. He plays much like Ryu does.
Jun the Swallow: Her moveset is fast and fun to use. She is much like Chun-Li except she is more air based. also PANTY SHOTS!
Casshan: This guy seems familiar, but I can't put my finger on where I saw him...
Tekkaman This guy is rather annoying to fight. XD
Polymar I think this guy looks stupid. XD
Yatterman-1: This guy has SWAG!
Karas: This guy is an odd one.... cool looking, but odd.
Doronjo Like Morrigon in sexiness, but is goofy like Spongebob. lol
Ippatsuman: When I see him I see a teenager who wanted to be a superhero so he grabbes a baseball bat and put on tight clothes. :p
Gold Lightan: Your regular giant anime robot.
Tekkaman Blade: Pretty much a robot Tekkaman.
Joe the Condor: Third member of Gatchaman stands like he's drunk and acts like an ass. :p
Yatterman-2: A female Yatterman who fights using an electric pole that shoots out hearts and stars made of electricity. Is pretty SWAG-2.

Overall 90/100
his is a great game and I highly recommend it.