Super Mario Strikers Charged

So after the original Mario Strikers Charged does good, Nintendo decides to make a sequel. Was it better or worse?

  Just like any soccer game, this game is based on who scores the most goals in a certain-timed game. You can choose from a select range of minutes to play, or make it based on who reaches a certain amount of goals first wins. But, of course, since it's a Mario game things will get crazy. You can use items against your opponent, like a green shell or a Chain Chomp. The main thing that twists the game is the Mega Strike. When your team captain is left alone on the other team's side for a bit, he can preform a Mega Strike, which shoots a certain amounts of balls at the goal. The other team can stop the Mega Strike balls by using the Wii Remote to click on the balls as they appear on the screen. For every ball you miss, that counts as a goal. For every ball you hit, that counts as a block.

  The character selection has increased from the original Strikers. Before there were 8 captains, and now there are 12, with the 4 new captains being Bowser, Bowser Jr., Petey Pirhana, and Diddy Kong. But unfortunately, the Super Team does not return. There are also 4 new sidekicks, being Boo, Monty Mole, Shy Guy, and Dry Bones. Not only are there new characters, there are also new fields to play on. And now almost all the new fields have gimmocks on them to change up the gameplay. All the old fields still return.

  There are 4 main options to play for Strikers Charged. You can do a quick game with up to 4 people or the CPU.  Another one is the road to the Strikers Cup, where you play in 3 different cups to try to be number 1, unlocking team captains as you go through the cups. The next one is custom tourneys. In this part you can make up your own styled tournament with whoever you like. And the last is a set of 12 Challenges (one for each captain). You are given a scenrio and you must complete the scenerio in order to win. Winning will help you unlock different options for quick play.

Gameplay: 8/10
You have a nice set of gameplay options to choose from. You can go hard for the Strikers Cup, make your own cup, play challenges, or just play a quick game (like previously said). And how about the Wifi?

Controls: 8/10
The game has alright controls. You have to use the Wii and Numchuek to play. Some of the controls are a bit shaky. And then there is that big Dry Bones/Daisy offense move... :rolleyes:

Graphics: 9/10
Just like its prequel, this game has exotic graphics, except better on this next gen console.

Story: N/A
No main story

Replay Value: 6/10
The game has an OK amount of replay value, nothing to get you playing it all day everyday. But it can be pretty fun, especially messing around with some of the options you get from beating Challenges, or just trying to be the king of the online gameplay.

Sound: 8/10
Well this game has some good overall music and sounds. Most of it is an improvement (and probably the only improvement) from the original Strikers. 

Overall: 39/50 OR 7.8/10
I prefer the original Strikers over this one, but if you don't have this game for the Wii yet you should try it out, especially if your a fan of the Mario Sports franchise.

Reviewer Note: I know soccer is football in many countries, but let's just stick with soccer for this review. ;)
I think this review is pretty good. We all know soccer is boring. I'm not going to spend 20 bucks to go see a bunch of people kick a ball across a grass field, if I want to see that I can kick arpund in my backyard for free. So when Nintendo made this I was a little skeptical. But after buying and playing it all thoughts of soccer being boring went away. (Until World Cup fever came.) So when they made a sequel and inctroduced Bowser and all these captain powers I was convinced I wouldn't be playing for hours at a time. Or at least wouldn't feel like I played for hours. The little gesturs the players make when a goal is scored are great. Especially Yoshi's, they made me feel happy and made me a Yoshi fan. Even when I play against him I partially want him to win. (I want me to win more though.) So all in all, this is an honest review, but I think the game rates a bit higher.