Super Mario Party: Custom Story Mode

In Mario Party 3, 4, and DS, they have a solo story mode where you choose a character and try to beat each map to get a character award at the end.  Like the constellation in Mario Party 4.  If you get 2nd place or less, then you must play that map again until you get first place.  For an 100% completion, you must collect every character's constellation, which means beating story mode with each character.
I think this makes Mario Party more fun to play alone because it makes the game longer and it feels awarding beating each character.  I was hoping for this kind of story mode in Super Mario Party but sadly it doesn't. 
So, I decided to do my own solo "story mode" in Super Mario Party to keep this game fun.
Here's how it works:
Play one player and choose a character.  Then choose three random cpu with any difficulty.  Master level would be recommended for more competitive games.  Your character and difficulty level you chose must be the same for all the maps until you beat them all.  Start playing Whomp's map and if you get 1st place, take a screenshot of the ending results then give yourself a rank from S to C.
S-Rank: Have two or more stars than the player in second place
A-Rank: Have one more star than the player in second place
B-Rank: Have the same number of stars as the player in second place and have more coins
C-Rank: Have the same number of stars and coins as the player in second place
Do the same thing for Bob-omb map, megafruit and the fourth map.  After beating all four maps, you should have four screenshots.  Then take one more screenshot of your character at the award ceremony.  This screenshot is your character award just like the constellation.  Then give yourself an overall rank based on the four maps.  If you have mostly As then your overall rank is an A.  If you have two S and two A, then your overall rank is an S.
The goal for this story mode is to have 5 screenshots for each of the 20 characters for both Mario Party and Partner Party.  That is a total of 40 times you must beat story mode and total of 200 screenshots!
If this is too long for you to play then you don't have to do this story mode but if you are hardcore into Mario Party and want a long 100% completion game process in Super Mario Party, then this would be for you.  You can co-op with another friend in Partner Party story mode if you don’t want to play alone.

I included my screenshots to give you a better example.

Ask me if you have any questions.


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I think Partner Party should be worked into the Story Mode as well, working like the Duel Mode inclusions. You play the Mario Party version of a board then face off on the Partner Party version (for added continuity, you pair up with second place!)

But still, this is a great idea  :D Although this would take a long time so I guess an 10 turn game on every board would be the way to go?  :p But man I would totally have done that Story Mode dozen of times, just like I did with 9's one!
It's interesting because, for MP7 and MP8 the Solo modes had unique objectives to complete. Perhaps we could emulate that with the Partner Party, set it to 10 turns (something relatively short, you'll soon see why), and then the first team to complete the board's unique item/objective "wins" (you'll have to arbitrarily win lol). Or if neither team finishes it, then whichever has the most Stars.

I'll just say to Spongyoshi that, from my experience, 10 turns is too short lol. I just have some bad memories from MPDS Wiggler's Garden XD
Groen said:
You were scared that badly by the first board, Mario_Comix? Wiggler's Garden was the first board, right? Suddenly I'm not sure anymore. haha

Well, the worst part about that board is how right in the middle of the board there's a junction where you either get trapped in a central loop (with the flytraps that will make you lose coins, and even a Red Space or two) or you go up right where Piranha Plant is (and makes you lose coins also), so I often find myself avoiding Piranha Plant by getting trapped in the loop to land on like a Blue Space. But it's just horrendous how the only way out and back around is via Piranha Plant.