Super Mario Maker Levels & "Rating Super Mario Makers"

Nightmare Bowser498 said:
Yoshiman hurry apppppp!

Delete if you want, but people may be begging in their minds! =P
Can I please be lazy on this until the update? :p
Besides, they've been posted on the CPotD for a while so I wasn't certain if I needed to post the video links here. :p
New course, Classic-Styled Course : 1DA49-0000-00D7-0FDD, has been uploaded.
Designed to be more like a regular SMB course than anything else, and it probably the easiest kind of course I've made because of that. Not saying I tried to make it difficult regardless though. I hope.

In other news, the recent update apparently came with a patch that stopped the invisible block glitch. Not only did this prevent me from finishing a level I was currently working on, but it also broke one of my levels completely - rendering it impossible to complete.
I've updated the list to now include any broken levels.