Super Mario Land 2 : 6 Golden Coins Review

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Review

SML2 was released on the eShop, at a price of £3.60.

Graphics: The graphics were good for the original release, as the 3DS version is just a port. However, It was a bit of a shame that they didn't sketch-up the graphics a little. It would of been great to see the game in colour. The rest of the graphics are fine, apart from a few minor adjustments and glitch fixes that should of been improved before slamming it onto 3DS. Otherwise, this game's graphics are good.

Storyline: This is actually the first Mario game where he doesn't have to rescue anything or anyone. In comparison to the original Mario Land, its the same, except bigger and better in every way. But the storyline doesn't actually show until the end of the game. When Mario was in Sarasaland, The Evil Wario took over Mario Castle and scattered the keys (6 Golden Coins) over the surrounding lands and into his minions protection, all when Mario was gone... That's a decent storyline.

Gameplay and Difficulty: The gameplay is great, as well as top-notch level design over 6 worlds. All of that in addition to a new powerup, The Carrot!
There are 6 worlds and a final level as well as 6 special levels. One of the only complaints is that the difficulty, its a little easy. You can also sometimes complete a special level and go straight to the end of the world. The bosses are also nothing clever, with the same engine again and again, including the final boss. Good gameplay, but easy difficulty.


A good game that is worth £3.60.