Super Mario 3D Land Review

Super Mario 3D Land. I played it really often at it's release on my 3DS. Problem was it was very short so it's appeal didn't last too long to me.

Basically it was a fun game. Every level was cleverly designed. Some gave you a lot of exploration for trying to get all of those star coins among other things. It also had a great intro making you think the game would be fantastic. The first level despite being totally easy was actually pretty well thought out and fun. So it really pulls you into the game.

It had new and old power-ups. With the return of thr Tanooki Suit, I was thrilled. I love the tanooki suit and it adds so much to the game for me. Hammer bro. suit was okay, though I didn't particularly enjoy it. Fire Flower was more fun to use in this one for reasons I can't really explain. =/

Controls were good and makes very good use of the Slide Pad. I had no problem with them while playing.

For flaws in the game, it was way too short. They added in an entire extra world and star coins attempting to make it long, butbit didn't work. It's mostly because the game was so easy you had no problems completing the levels which made them short. There are way too many 1-ups. So many it's like they're trying to make it so you can't die.

Overall, a pretty good game. Not the best Mario's had, but still very fun despite some levels not being so good.
8/10 :)