Staryu's Fleamarket (Animal Crossing)

I'm going to be selling some stuff on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. So if you're interested in buying some of my stock, make sure you have the bells ready. You will visit my town, you'll give me the bells first, then I'll give you what you asked for! Simple right? I may accept some items as payment if it's the ones I want. We'll discuss that, but anyway, Here's what I'm offering:

Fruit (Per fruit)
Pear (500 Bells)
Orange (500 Bells)
Lemon (500 Bells)
Peach (500 Bells)
Mango (500 Bells)
Durian (500 Bells)
Persimmon (500 Bells)
Lychee (500 Bells)
Coconut (300 Bells)
Banana (300 Bells)

Flowers (per Flower)
Red Roses (80 Bells)
Yellow Roses (80 Bells)
White Roses (80 Bells)

Patchwork Table (2000 Bells)
Mummy's casket (1,100 Bells)

Red Aloha Shirt (5000 Bells)
Blue-Zap Helmet (600 Bells)
Pink-Zap Helmet (600 Bells)
Royal Shirt (400 Bells)
Big Dot Shirt (400 Bells)
Corseted Shirt (400 Bells)
Spade Tee (400 Bells)
Checkerboard Tee (400 Bells)
Nebula Shirt (400 Bells)
Triangle Glasses (300 Bells)
Blue Frames (300 Bells)
3D Glasses (320 Bells)
Viking Helmet (300 Bells)

Mini Plinkoid (500 Bells)
Bowtoid (500 Bells)
Mega Oombloid (1000 Bells)
Poltergoid (900 Bells)
Clankoid (900 Bells)