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Her selection screen pic:
Her Lives/Stock Meter pic:
Her Emblem: or the classic Mario Mushroom used to represent Mario Characters in SSB
Her Victory theme: Super Smash Bros Melee - Mario's Victory

A: A Punch
A+A: A Punch, followed by a kick.
A+A+A: A Punch, a Kick, and then a Headbutt.

Tilt A> or A<: A slight bop from her big Fungal head.
Tilt Av: Toadette throws a weak punch on both sides.
Tilt A^: Another Headbutt, but this one goes straight up, her braids also rise and stretch out a bit to hit players above.

Smash A> or A<: Toadette tilts her head backward and charges, when released, she smashes you with her head downward, then upward. The amount of charging varies the amount of force or damage she gives.
Smash A^: Toadette squats, when released she violently headbutts anyone above her, her braids smacking anything close beside her for a little extra range.
Smash Av: Toadette stands still as her braids curl up, when released she slams her head down and her braids go off like slingshots, whacking people beside her. This move has a 30% chance of tripping people who get hit.

Aerial A: Toadette flicks the air with her braids.
Aerial A>: Headbutt forward.
Aerial A<: Headbutt backward.
Aerial A^: Her braids extend and hit the air above her.
Aerial Av: Toadette kicks the air below her.

Special B: Spore Blast Toadette releases pink spores from her head. Much like the Wario Waft, depending on how long she's been out on the field, this can deal 5% damage to 50% damage. Toadette becomes fully charged around 1 minute. The strongest spore blast leaves behind poison damage, like if Olimar's White Pikmin stuck onto you. This poison damage lasts 3 seconds and deals 2% every half second (For a total of 12% damage).
Special B> or B<: Spore Slam Toadette throws a pink orb stuffed with her spores. Like Zelda's Side B, you can aim this but you only have 3 seconds. When it hits, it deals 5% damage and leaves behind poison damage of 1% every half second for 3 seconds (total of 6% damage).
Special B^: Toadette Tornado Toadette flies into the air, her braids propelling her. Anyone caught near her head or braids gets thrown aside, dealing 5% damage. Anyone hit directly by her head when she begins is headbutted for 10% damage. This can be used as a recovery move, however, Toadette only flies for 3 seconds, and afterwards she'll float back down like Peach, unless you hold down, in which she'll quickly descend in a drilling motion that deals 5% damage.
Special Bv: Spore Bomb Toadette drops a large spiky pink spore that explodes after 5 seconds. The explosion deals 10% damage, however, it can be passed on to someone else due to the Spore Bomb's spiky barbs. This could be easily backfired on Toadette, so it's a hit and run move.

Running: Toadette slides on her belly for a second and headbutts people.

Grab: Toadette stretches her braids out in whatever direction she's facing and grabs her foe. Has very good range.
Grab A: Toadette mercilessly headbutts her captive foe. Causes 2% per butt.
Grab >: Toadette grabs her foe with her hands and lobs them away. Does 5%.
Grab <: Toadette grabs her foe with her hands and lobs them behind her like a piece of trash. Does 5%.
Grab ^: Toadette grabs her foe with her hands and twists them around like Pizza dough, and tosses them upward, jabbing with her braids. Does 5%.
Grab v: Toadette throws her opponent down and sits on them, crushing them with her Toad butt. Does 5% then 5% more.

Jump: Toadette jumps fairly low, but can jump again in mid-air, her second jump a little more powerful.

FINAL SMASH: SPORE STORM The stage goes silent as a heavy threatening presence is felt. It comes from Toadette, who charges a gigantic Spore Blast that sends millions of the Mushroom Babies flying. Spiky Spores rain from the sky and giant Mushrooms grow on the ground, dealing poison damage of 3% every second for 10 seconds to everyone. Being hit by a sprouting mushroom deals 20% to 35% damage, depending on the size of the mushroom. The Spiky Spores instantly disappear after they hit someone, but deal 3% damage. Toadette is invulnerable to the Mushroom Plague, but can still get hit by her foes. The FS automatically ends after 10 seconds or if Toadette dies. This is a very dangerous FS on small stages but isn't as effective on large stages.

Side: Toadette looks around with a curious expression, while going "huhh?"
Up: Toadette takes out a violin and plays the first few notes of her music room theme.
Down: Toadette pulls on her braids and does a happy little wiggle.

1: Toadette makes faces and taunts the losing opponents, then she turns around to face the screen and places her hands on her hips while smiling and closing her eyes.
2: Toadette shakes her head quickly, whipping her hair back and forth while releasing tiny harmless pink spores, then she stretches her arms out and smiles happily with a :D face
3: Toadette sits, takes out her violin and plays a tune.

Toadette sits, her back turned, occasionally looking back at the victor/victors with an angry look on her face. Her braids wave around like tentacles.

Idle Animation: Toadette stands there, gently bouncing on her toes, her braids undulating. Occasionally scratches her head.

Dizzy Animation: Toadette has the comical swirly eye dizzy face, as she grips her braids and swerves around in a circle. When she snaps out of it she slaps both of her cheeks and grips her fists, returning to her idle animation.

Sleep Animation: Toadette flops onto her back and snores loudly, while drooling. When she wakes up she rubs her eyes, shakes her head and gets back up.

Alternate Colors: Pink (Standard), Red (Red Cap/Dress, White Spots, Pink Vest), Green (Green Cap/Dress, Lime Green Spots, Dark Green Vest), Blue (Blue Cap/Dress, Dark Blue Spots, Purple Vest), Fire Toadette (White Cap/Dress, Pink Spots, Red Vest), Old School (Pink Cap, White Spots, Orange Dress, Pink Vest), Black (Black Cap/Dress, Dark Gray spots, White Vest)