Portal 2 is a recently released game, therefore there are certain topics that would be considered Spoilers. For this board we are initiating rules for topic titles that can be seen to the rest of the Forum to warn members of spoilers contained in the topic. There is no way to use the Spoiler Tag in the topic title, so any topic that is spoiler-related must be marked with "[SPOILER ]" at the beginning. These are the topics that would be considered Spoilers :

  • The Final Boss
  • Any kind of topic regarding a plot twist or plot element that is past the fifth chapter
  • Topics regarding chapeters (Chapter 5 and beyond)
  • The Ending or Credits

Having a topic about a certain test chamber, gameplay mechanics or a certain charcter is not considered a Spoiler and does not need the Spoiler mark in the topic. However, if you have a spoiler in a topic that is not considered a spoiler topic (Ex. A post about getting an achievemnt in Chapter 1), you must use the Spoiler Tag (
) on that peice of information.

The "I haven't played Portal" topic is for members who have not played Portal or Portal 2, but feel obligated to be a part of the board. Why they haven't played Portal is beyond me. They can also ask questions.

Please refrain from posting in topics that go a bit in depth into the game if you have not played it yet. We don't want post like "I like this level and I can't wait to play it.".