[SPOILER?] Favorite Bosses

There are certainly many memorable bosses, plus ones which I found were... average. But my personal faves (spoilers incoming?):

Hewdraw - if the multiple dialog choices wasn't awesome enough (head order is how you do it), then running on Hewdraw's back in the end of the sky battle must certainly be awesome. :p The end of the land battle boss fight is not as good (plus I do pretty averagely in it above 5.0...)
Thanatos - the pot transformation is the only really annoying part of the battle, the rest is comical especially with dialogue.
Phosphora - admit it. She's hot. And a complete combat pragmatist in the intro video.
Chariot Master - the unexpected battle on horseback is just a marvel to experience. Plus it's not too tough a battle either.
Amazon Pandora - aside from the fanservice, kicking Calamity Goddess butt (literal or not) as DP is awesome. Especially his snarkiness rubbing against Viridi and Palutena's commentary.
Hades' Heart - It's Bomberman in an alternate Hades-like dimension! Oh and it hurts like hell. :p Pit's moments of madness make this funnier.
Magnus and Gaol - the tag team against you makes it quite a challenge but being situation aware is at least half of what I enjoyed about this battle.
Great Sacred Treasure - well duh, fighting a giant mecha with instant death attack and the like.