Space Suggestions

This would be crazy, but like right at the end of a board there could be a "Torture Space" where everyone puts in all their stars and all their coins in a pot and the winner of a luck minigame gets it all, like a guaranteed win. That seems too crazy to happen, but that would be really fun for me. It could look like the warp space from MP4.  :warpspace:
I'd like Game Guy spaces to return with the option to gamble any number of coins you own. I would also like something similar to the reverse space. Perhaps a space that would change the board that varies on each board. Mabe a space that triggers a special one on one mingame that differs from the duel minigames with Koopa Kid or Hammer Bro. They could threaten to take a star or twenty coins if you lose. This sounds kina harsh but this space could be uncommon like Bowser Spaces.