Sonic The Hedgehog 2

The second game in the Sonic The Hedgehog Series. Released worldwide on Tuesday, November 24, 1992, it's the second 2-D Sonic game. Plays the same manner as the first game, but with the added ability to spin-dash and transform into Super Sonic. Miles "Tails" Prower also makes its debut, but cannot fly yet.

This game is fun to play, better than the first game, but not from the third game. The levels are fun, though, especially Emerald Hill Zone, Casino Night Zone, and Mystic Cave Zone. The game also has two-player play, in versus or co-op. I loved playing this game in versus. Item Boxes sure pose a mystery - until you hit them.
The second one was my second favorite of the 3 as well (Though... I've never played Sonic 1... so...)

I though this one had the best special stage of them all, and 2-players playing was fun as well (The Multiplayer mode was the best in here, though).
I also though the final boss was really tough though, but that's because there's no Tails there (unless P1 is Tails, which is I do when I play by myself) because you had NO RINGS!!! ...and you had to fight the first Sonic replica (Not sure what this was called...)
This was the only Sonic game my sister (6 years older) and I played together. We'd do co-op and I'd be Tails. We'd play through as much as we could until a game over. Of course, that was 15-16 years ago. :p

It was a great successor to Sonic 1. The addition of Tails and the beginning of the Death Egg saga really made me love this game. The stages were amazing, Wing Fortress being my favorite. I thought Hill Top was bleh, it was basically a Emerald Hill with color changes and the addition of lava and the swings. The special stages aren't my favorite, but they were pretty challenging.

The final boss battle was a good challenge, though it's easy now (through so many playthroughs :p).

If only Sega wasn't so impatient with STI on completing it on time. I would've loved to see Hidden Palace Zone, Wood Zone, and Cyber City included (that'd be a heck of a game).

I like Sonic 2 for the beginning if the Death Egg Saga as it made the Classic Sonic much more interesting than they were before. Sadly, I never made it to Death Egg Zone. I got to the 5th or 6th Zone but I don't remember their names. I only know Chemical Plant's name because of Generations.