Sonic The Hedgehog (1991)

Sonic The Hedgehog, the first game of the 2-D series. Most of us old members may have played this game before on the Sega Genesis. For others, they may have done it in digital form. Sonic sets out to collect the six Chaos Emeralds and defeat Dr. Robotnik (Dr. Eggman), who boasts an IQ of 300.

I liked this game, though not as much as its sequels. I really enjoyed playing through the first stage, the fifth stage, and the last stage, Green Hill, Starlight, and Scrap Brain Zones, respectively.

What do you like about this game? Favorite level and why?
It was a great start to the series. I've played this game for hours and hours, just like the other classic Sonic games.

My favorite stage was Spring Yard Zone; It had a nice theme and it was fun to just bounce all over the place. On the other hand, those Rollers use to scare the crap out of me when I was younger. :-D

The music was great, Green Hill Zone having the best music. The only music that I didn't like was Marble Zone; it was just boring.

Overall, it was a great competitor to Mario, and imo better.